The Most Important Pants Trends + Styling Tips

These are the most important pants trends : 2020 is the year of unexpected trend comebacks and stylish classics at the same time. This can also be seen in terms of pants trends 2020. I’m going to hypothesize that one or the other trend pants model could give you a headache at first – at least in terms of styling. Because you don’t immediately have an idea for every pair of pants. But don’t panic, I’ll tell you how I would style it and maybe that will inspire you to come up with your own ideas. And as Shakespeare said so nicely: “The courage increases with the opportunity.” So get to the pants trends 2018!

Track pants

Track pants in all colors and fits are back. Put simply, they are sweatpants. But don’t worry, not the cotton we like to wear at home. Rather, it is the nylon version with a 90ies look that usually turns into a tracksuit with the right zipper jacket. However, since Olivia Palermo wore the Zara version in black with red stripes on the streets of Milan last year, everyone has been crazy about it. What changes compared to 2019? The colors and fits.

After all, the days of the Buffalo plateaus are over and the pants no longer have to drag 30 centimeters on the floor. In the meantime they are also available in 7/8 or ankle length. The colors can also be more spring-like. From yellow to rose to glitter and even floral prints, everything is allowed in 2020. I would combine them according to the current weather conditions into a thin rib knit wheelchair in cream white (always works!), Cool mules and a leather jacket. If you prefer something a little sportier, you can use the look above as a guide.

Paperbag pants

Paperbag pants – the word sounds complicated. But it is not, because it only describes the look of the pants. With its crumpled waist and the protruding waistband, it reminds a little of a crumpled paper bag. And although some of you may now think: For God’s sake, I can’t bear that, I tell you: yes! Because these pants actually stand for every figure (!). This is due to the fit, which focuses on the narrow waist and creates an hourglass figure. By the way, paperbag pants were never really gone. However, she has only made model Megi Hadid a mega trend again, which she has combined into a skin-tight body.

My styling suggestion: work with opposites. So if it is cut loosely around the bottom, it can fit tightly at the top. It doesn’t have to be a body. A turtleneck sweater, a tight-fitting knit sweater or an off-shoulder sleeve go great with the paperbag. There are also many options in terms of shoe technology. From pumps to sneakers, everything really works with these pants. The overall look is much more important. So let off steam and try out wildly which combination you like best.

Asia pants

Ok, now it’s going to be wild and colorful. These pants are immediately reminiscent of the traditional, knee-length cheongsam dress, which resembles our shift dress, just much more colorful and pompous. It owes this on the one hand to the material silk, but also to the Asian prints such as cherry blossoms, peacocks, koi and Co. And these traditional prints now migrate to airy, wide-cut trousers. So-called Asia Pants will be the mega trend in 2020. So that the look does not look completely like Asia, but only exudes this delicate spring flair, it is best to combine the pants with loosely cut shirts and open shoes such as Birkenstocks or sandals. If the material silk is too chic for everyday wear, go for cotton Asian pants.


In the past, pants skirts aka culottes were considered to be bourgeois and were frowned upon. Thank God it looks very different today. Because now it’s no longer just about breaking up the stiff housewife look of the past, but much more about expanding our image of women in society. Just as Coco Chanel once discovered knee-breeches for themselves and their Tomboy look, today we use the culotte pants to express that we are in no way inferior to men.

And if such statements can be underlined with comfortable, casual clothing, so much the better. It is therefore no surprise to me that the culotte is once again one of the 2020 trousers trends in times of the feminism debate and #Metoo movement. And best of all: it goes well with blazers and strappy sandals(Incidentally, one of the gr variables shoe trends 2020) combine as well as to T-shirt and sneakers. The Culotte pants are therefore my very personal favorite pants and I’m looking forward to many new combinations in 2020.

Cargo pants

Oh yes, the cargo pants. We all still remember them. They were the trend pants of the 90s, combined with crop tops, buffalo plateaus and double hair squirrels à la Marusha. And then she was gone. Forever. We thought. But in 2020 it will actually be back! This has been evident a little longer on the runway at Sies Marjan, Valentino or Prada. When suddenly stars like Alessandra Ambrosio or Bella Hadid came around the corner with the cargo pants, it was clear that she was officially roadworthy again. In 2018, please do not wear a crop top, but simple tops with a subtle neckline, blouses or long sleeves.


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