The Most Important Trend Materials 2020

The most important trend materials in spring and summer : After we have already discussed the trend colors , cuts / silhouettes and trend patterns in detail in 2020, the trend materials follow today. And I can tell you this much: it will be a mix of extraordinary and basic. You will definitely have one or the other material trend in your closet, while others may still be on your shopping list. So hot in 2020? Material mix – so only courage! Here are the top 5 trend materials 2020

Material trend: acid denim

Let’s start with a material trend that probably all of us already have in our closets: denim! This spring and summer 2020, two types of jeans are particularly popular. On the one hand is the dark denim (not quite as summery) and on the other hand the so-called acid wash look. This means light blue denim parts, which get particularly irregular looks through special treatments. The exciting thing? We not only wear the trend in the form of jeans, but also as blazers, shorts, dresses or shoes.

Material trend: silk & satin

Noble, shimmering and airy, light. In spring and summer this year, the trend materials silk and satin are the ideal partners when it comes to summer looks with that certain something. You could really see the trend at all the big fashion shows from New York to Paris. The special? The reflective materials not only shine with the sun, but can also be combined with muted colors. This styling is perfect to create a nice everyday look without being overdressed

Material trend: feathers

After getting to know two very accessible and everyday material trends with denim and satin, now comes a slightly more special one. Feathers! At first glance, anything but integrable into everyday life. However, Prada shows us once again how to wear feathers with style and class. The trick? Do not exaggerate! For example, feathers can be worn as a hem on an upper part, as an eye-catcher on a hat or as a key piece. You definitely need a little bit of courage for this material trend.

Material trend: fringe

Fringes are felt from the same material family as springs, but somehow already “established” better. This could not least be due to the fact that the boho trend has been omnipresent in recent years. For me personally one of the reasons why I always avoided fringes. Until now, because in spring and summer 2020 fringes will lose their festival image and become more chic, elegant and adult. You finally come across us not only on shorts and crop tops, but also as a hem, in the form of chic oversize jackets or on elegant pouch pockets.

Material trend: linen

Last but not least, one of my personal favorite materials for summer 2020: linen. Until a few years ago, the airy material had a rather dusty image and was considered eco and unsexy. These times have been over since last summer at the latest. Cool cuts in the form of pantsuits, cute dresses and great skirts are responsible for this. Linen is making a big comeback in spring and summer 2020and I’m really looking forward to it!


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