The Most Important Trend Materials

Current fashion trends are always a great way to get inspiration. By browsing through fashion magazines and online shops, you already get a feel for how you want to dress in the next season. And so sometimes you notice that you could maybe add a trend item to your wardrobe to get through in a stylish and fashion-conscious way – in this case, autumn and winter 2018/2019. Sometimes, inspiration alone is not enough and styling advice is required. Therefore, not only the most important trend materials fall winter 2018 2019 come here , but also the appropriate styling tips. I am looking forward to your feedback.


Satin shimmers slightly silk, but has nothing else to do with the super noble textile silk itself. Because of the very delicate, noble effect, designers often use it for summer items such as dresses, tops or skirts. But that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to it in autumn. On the contrary. Then the material reaches its peak again.

And how do you combine satin?

As the saying goes: Fashion is created by combining things that supposedly do not match. This is the motto for satin in winter. With wool materials, tweed, leather and Co. you create contrasts and really can’t go wrong in terms of style. The coolest look is, however, if you try to combine colors in tone on tone.


Odeeh and Eva Herzog clearly showed on the runway that tulle is definitely not a pure summer material. On the contrary: it is a real autumn / winter 2018/2019 must-have. Not just for underneath. Also for above. Even Virgil Abloh relied on the delicate, feminine material for Off-White and enchanted the guests with tulle transparency.

And how do you combine tulle?

Do you want to wear a tulle dress? Then it’s best to wear it over a second dress. Maybe knitted. Or with a shirt and jeans. Also cool: the variant with a blazer under which you wear a tulle turtleneck. Tulle can be styled in many ways. The most important thing, however, is not to show yourself too freely, but only to set small, transparent accents.

Fake fur

One thing has been clear for a long time: designers are increasingly saying goodbye to real fur and instead opting for high-quality fake fur materials. So it is no wonder that this also awaits us this autumn / winter. And that Emporio Armani in the current collection proves that the creations still look noble. Also Stella McCartney, Gucci or Michael Kors.

And how do you combine faux fur?

Fake fur pieces are actually quite easy to combine. Because mostly designers focus on outerwear. That means jackets, coats or bags. Since fake fur jackets often apply, it is advisable to combine narrow cuts around the bottom. Whether skinny jeans or pencil skirts. Sock boots or pumps are also great. A rolli or longsleeve completes the look.


Sequins have always been one of the most important trends for winter. But this year they are already a big hit in summer. It is not surprising that they also accompany us into autumn so that we can be fully involved again in winter. And so we see not only at Balmain sequin mini dresses, but also at Dolce & Gabbana.

And how do you combine sequins?

At the moment, you can combine them as plain pieces for simple pieces as well as an all-over look. the only question is what you want. Because a maxi sequin dress with cowboy boots is of course noticeable. While a sequin top with a corduroy blazer and blue jeans looks rather subtle. Try out πŸ™‚


Cord, the rib material is the little sister of velvet – just kind of cheeky and tough. Still soft and classy. That’s why it was considered somewhat conservative for a long time. Foch, at the latest since we have been wearing the trend material as Baker Boy hats, Marlene pants or oversized blazers, has had cult status and will also be indispensable this autumn and winter.

And how do you combine cord?

Combine it as you like it. The material is just as great with simple cashmere basics as it is with fine lace pieces, maxi dresses, leather skirts or jeans. With this trend material, you can simply stay true to your style without having to pay attention to styling tips.


Velvet is currently one of the biggest textile stars. Whether smooth or crashed, as a blazer, pants, top, kimono or accessory. Even shoes get a velvet update. And because it warms, is comfortable and still looks classy, ​​it is the perfect trend material for autumn.

And how do you combine velvet?

Small velvet accents in the form of handbags or shoes look just as great as the complete look in a suit. The main thing is that the look does not appear stiffened and stale. I would therefore be rather careful about frills – unless you then skillfully combine the velvet tone-on-tone to the frill or lace part.


By the way, now it can also shine. Regardless of whether it is wet shimmering, metallic noble or plastic-like in vinyl like at Versace. The glossy effect that reflects the light on the materials will be a huge autumn trend. And not just in the form of a trench coat, but also in skintight pants, raincoats, skirts, Baker Boy hats, boots, handbags and dresses. Incidentally, one of the few functional materials. After all, such textiles are muddy and washable. Stylish and practical.

And how do you combine glossy?

Shiny pieces work best when they are allowed to stand alone. That means that the rest of the look should give space to the highlight and make it a highlight. Because too much glossy quickly makes everything look overloaded. It is best to combine restrained colors and materials. Wool, denim or cashmere in shades of beige, white or cognac. Black and earth tones also work well. However, no bright colors or trend colors like Limelight and Co.


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