The Most Important Trend Patterns 2020

After telling you the most important handbag trends on Monday and the biggest trend cuts and shapes for autumn and winter 2020 yesterday, the biggest and most important trend patterns follow today as promised. One thing I can tell you right away: if you want to wear patterns and prints this season, you need a certain amount of courage. Because this season there are many new or newly launched trend patterns that we may have to get used to again. To make things a little easier, I wrote down a few styling tips for each pattern trend. Have fun browsing and implementing, I am curious which trend pattern will definitely move in your closet and which one you would rather avoid?

Animal Print

Some trends never really disappear from the scene, but are simply not quite as present for a while. From time to time they appear again and again. It is exactly the same with animal print. A pattern that can certainly provide for divided opinions. Some love it, others hate it. I definitely belong to the first variety because I think that Animal Print looks really good when it is styled.

No matter whether Leo, zebra, tiger or snake- This fall and winter the shops are full of the pattern and I’m looking forward to the new parts,Whoever likes it classic and rather “discreet”, as far as possible, relies on animal prints in muted original tones such as brown, cream or cognac. If you like it a bit more unusual, try animal patterns in bright colors such as red, green or pink. But be careful, a special feeling of styling is required and less definitely more.

Styling tips :

For subtle styling, animal colors in muted colors are combined with plain-colored parts that are rather calm and unexcited. Turtlenecks and trench coats, for example, are real classics and take the sharpness out of the pattern. If you choose colored animal print, you should definitely only wear one part and match the rest of the look uniformly and discreetly.

Logo print

A few years ago, the fashion creed was true: less is more aka “just don’t splurge with too many logos”. That these times are officially over should be clear at the latest since the resurgence of the Fendi Zucca print . Logo Mania is back and has been for a few months. So if you have already invested in an expensive designer part with an XXL logo, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because logos will remain popular in autumn and winter 2020. Those who have not done so far still have the chance, because there are many logo parts to shop for again this season.

Styling tips

So that all of this does not become an embarrassing logo Proll Desater from the 00s, you should definitely pay attention to a few important things when styling. Characteristic of “Logo Mania 2018” is a successful balance between “you show what you have without being super embarrassing”. You can do this by wearing Logo Mania in the form of classic cuts and subtle colors. For example in the form of a black hoodie or white sneakers with a designer logo. These also work best with basic parts without an additional print. Bags are an additional great option for logo integrations in the look. They are the perfect alternative to a piece of clothing and just perfect for a soft logo entry.

Check pattern

Another classic model that will stay with us this season? Diamonds! They were (almost) everywhere to be seen during the Fashion Weeks. The great thing? In a wide variety of designs. From the delicate Vichy Karo variant to Glencheck to the tartan pattern, pretty much everything was there. The items of clothing on which the pattern was found were at least as versatile as the plaid pattern itself. Particularly worthwhile for autumn and winter? Definitely a nice (wool) coat and a blazer with a checked pattern. Similar to animal print, Glencheck and tartan patterns appear in both muted and bright nuances. Personally, I’m a fan of earth tones either wayand will therefore stick to the elegant and simple pattern version again this year. Whoever color a little more pep wants to wear, found in just about every label also check clothing in red, green, blue or orange.

Styling tips:

Super are announced all-over looks , so outfits where you both the lower and the top with plaid wearing (see my look above). Cool pantsuits or pants with a matching top are ideal. This type of styling gives the plaid pattern the necessary and well-deserved presence and is also a guaranteed eye-catcher. If you want to carry the pattern to the office, styling partners such as a white blouse, suede ankle boots and a blazer are perfectly equipped. And also experiment in your free time as you please . For example, simple blue jeans with a cool plaid blazer get a quick but effective fashion upgrade.

Light flowers pattern

The most popular pattern in summer? Right, flowers! And after we have carried all the colorful and gaudy models up and down in summer, it is time to deal with the winter flower variant. Absolutely correct, floral patterns will remain in the autumn and winter of this year. However, much more subtle than in summer. Instead of wearing bright colors, the floral pattern is now in noble and unobtrusive , almost faded , colors. Fortunately, less color means less romance or less beautiful. On the contrary. The pattern trend among designers was mainly in the form of dresses. But how do you wear them in winter?

Styling tips:

The easiest way to wear a dress in autumn and winter is to buy one with long sleeves. But you can also take dresses without sleeves with a blouse worn underneath into the colder seasons. In the case of midi dresses, there is also the option of wearing trousers under the dress (also seen at Tory Burch). Important here: the pants should be from the same color family as the dress, or at least the color of the dress. Otherwise, the look quickly looks inconsistent and wanted. Another option is over knee boots. They are the secret weapon when it comes to summer and short garments in winter. Throw a cool cape over it and put a Bernie on it – the autumnal flower pattern look is ready.

Dot print

I don’t know about you, but for me dots are never the cutest pattern on the colorful pattern market. Points have something playful, light and Romanesque about them and always automatically spread a good mood with me. All the better, because especially in the colder seasons, fashion with a smile is all the better.

Styling tips :

If you want to be on the safe side, use the classic black and white dot combination. This goes both in leisure time as a dress and in the office as a blouse under the blazer. But also “colorful” dots are an option, because especially in the cold and mostly dreary season you can bring a bit of mood into dull gray with dots in bright or soft pastel colors. Let’s try!


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