The New Autumn Trends Are Used With Skill

The good news for those who mourn after summer: autumn sends it in an atmospheric extension! Because in the cold season, summer must-haves are simply combined with autumnal it pieces. So there is no cold and boredom at all. The following also applies: This autumn, corduroy and denim are worn. The trend colors: rich fir green, strong berry tones and brown in all shades.

Mini, Midi and Maxi are allowed to stay!

Moth summer clothes until next year? This definitely does not apply to autumn 2017, because the clothes are allowed to stay and are the basics for varied outfits that can be combined for every day. The statements were already clear at New York Fashion Week 2016: summer dresses in mini, midi and maxi – with striking floral prints wherever possible – become an all-rounder for the whole year. So that the permanent bloomers are winter-proof, a stylish onion look is recommended: Skilfully combined, summer dresses with boots, long shirts and bobble hat do not look strange, but absolutely hip.

It stays cuddly warm in a summer dress with the right wear combination for outdoor stays: Here is fake furthe motto of the season. Thick, warm knitted vests, leather coats, corduroy jackets – whatever you like is allowed. Only one thing is important: the jacket must have a faux fur collar, ideally also faux fur cuffs at the waist and arms. The materials may stand in stark contrast to the summer dress underneath. Anyone who combines this look with lambskin boots or who combines knitted leg warmers with a matching hat for the legs has understood the trend. Dresses in Millefleurs style go best with natural tones, mint green summer dreams complement each other perfectly with brown or beige boots, jackets and scarves.

Cord rocks the falling leaves!

For some it was never gone, but now it is definitely back: the cord trousers as a fashion classic. Regardless of whether it is coarse or fine cord: fashionistas rely on the hard-wearing fabric, ideally combined as a suit with the matching jacket. Brown tones in all shades clearly dominate here. In addition, trendsetters combine blouses made of flowing materials that can set real color accents: strong berry tones such as purple and pink make such an autumn outfit an eye-catcher and do not create a bad mood even on rainy days.

Wide belts are the accessory of the season for the trousers: they can be puristic or playful: wide buckles with rhinestones and ornaments work just as well as simple, narrow designs. Accessories in rich hunter green are also in demand: hats, scarves and gloves can be combined in this season if the colors are only strong.Velvet . More stylish accessories can be found in the Rabe online shop , which also offers a selection of knitwear. Cardigans and sweaters are of course also an absolute trend topic in autumn, and Rabe has a lot to offer.

If you don’t want to rely exclusively on corduroy, you’re also right with denim: jeans dresses are just as popular as skinny jeans . Above all, the strong blue tones are back, an outfit in black is also always possible. A simple turtleneck pullover can be combined with skinny jeans, with delicate gold jewelry. A long leather coat in white works as a contrast.


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