The New Shoe Trends 2020

Yes, you read that right: We are already taking great steps towards spring in terms of subject matter. In the fashion world, we like to be a bit ahead of the times – especially when we want to keep an eye on the upcoming trends. This post is all about one of the favorite topics of many fashion enthusiasts: shoes. A new trend color, classic design with a fresh coat of paint and a new brand will be launched this year. We give you a brief overview of the shoe trends that await us in the spring / summer 2020 season. Get inspired and discover the new trends in the world of sandals, pumps and sneakers.
Sunny prospects: trend color yellow

The sun color yellow is the star of the season. It puts you in a good mood and exudes optimism. The light color has become more and more popular in fashion, as we have already told you in our blog post on the new trends in women’s fashion . Last year, yellow blouses, sweaters and bags were an absolute hit and are still trendy. Now the trend color has arrived for the shoes. With yellow shoes you can quickly and easily add colorful accents to your outfit. Sun-tanned skin also brings out the color well. You will find yellow on many shoe models from our summer collection. Go high with »the sporty platform sneakers from Liva Loop. You decide whether you want to wear classic jeans or wide, flowing linen trousers with the shoes in sun yellow.

Just as versatile are the mustard-yellow moccasins by Naturläufer made of pleasantly soft suede. For summer dress and skirt we recommend women’s shoes with heels , such as »the light sandals with ankle straps or » the elegant peep-toe pumps with a fashionable wedge heel . When choosing clothing for yellow shoes, you don’t have to limit yourself to subdued, reserved colors. The sun color also harmonizes with a shirt with a floral print. Try it.

Summer, ahoy! – Shoes with a maritime flair

Maritime designs are among the classics that never go out of style. The sporty and at the same time informal style, the fine stripes and stripes and graphic elements such as anchors, cords and boats make us immediately think of summer holidays, sailing trips and the sound of the sea. With shoes in a maritime style you bring that holiday feeling into your everyday life and the sailor look into your outfit. The colors dark blue, red, white and black are typical of the marine design. You will also find these in the spring and summer shoes that we have selected for you. For example with »the lace-up shoes , where we particularly like the shiny satin laces and the floral leather embossing.

The comfortable moccasins from Naturläufer pick up on the maritime theme in deep dark blue and decorative in the form of small cord loops . »Caprice sandals implement the typical stripe look in fine straps. These give the shoes their summer lightness. With a wide swinging white skirt or white trousers and a striped sweater you create a maritime look in French chic around these models. Also »the red wedge sandals harmonize with their feminine elegance with this combination. A straw hat or a handbag in bast optics pick up the material of the heel again and nicely round off your summer outfit.

Comfortable elegance: Julietta shoes

If you are lured out by the sun and tempted to go for walks, you will prefer shoes in which you can comfortably walk for long periods of time. Shoe models with a comfortable width such as G or H and with a round toe cap are suitable here. These provide enough space for your toes when you are on your feet all day. If the shoes also look fashionable and trendy, chances are that they will become your favorites for the spring / summer 2020 season. Julietta – our new addition to the shoe brands – proves that comfortable, comfortable walking and trendy looks go together.

Whether »moccasins , » slippers or »sandals : you just slip on your shoes and can go for a stroll through the city or for a walk in the park. Low heels bring a certain elegance into play. With fashionable details such as small tassel appliqués on »the moccasins , animal prints, summer perforations or the trendy metallic look of the sandals, Julietta shoes know how to inspire the fashion heart. Due to the classic shape and the neutral colors, you can combine the shoes in many ways.

We are looking forward to the cheerful, sporty and comfortably elegant shoe fashion this year. Which shoe trend do you like best in spring 2020? We hope you enjoy your fashionable walks and forays.


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