The New Trend Outfits For Summer

We can hardly wait this summer. Not least because of the hot fashion trends, which are absolutely worth trying! But how do you do that without looting your vacation budget? We have set ourselves the task of finding the hottest parts at top prices. At H&M we had success across the board and found real bargains from just € 9.99 ! Here we show you our finds and tell you why you will love our favorite trends too!

Work it out

Utility is the trend that 2019 is the only way to go. Yes, the so-called work wear – that is work clothing for skilled trades – is the fashion surprise of the year and comes in the form of work vests, cargo pants and practical one-pieces such as jumpsuits. The fashion trendsetters lead the way and style functional utility parts with high heels, crossbody bags or filigree accessories. Why you’ll love the utility outfit: The typical beige and khaki tones are simply incredibly casual. And the look with the large patch pockets or the fanny packs is also practical. They give us a lot of space for everything that we would otherwise have to dig into our handbag forever.

Allover beige

Bright colors and floral patterns? A trend that comes back every summer. Bright, muted cream tones can look incredibly fresh. That is why beige is also very popular for the complete look . And because the color understatement looks so incredibly elegant, it is also ideal for business outfits. As a delicate accent, blush on the cheeks in a light rosé shade: your perfect all-over beige look is ready.
Why you’ll love the outfit: Because combining individual parts with a tone-on-tone look is so quick, you can sleep a few minutes longer in the morning. Tempting, isn’t it?

Shimmering glamor

The smartest fashion investment of the year? Trendy parts made of silk and satin. They can be combined in so many different ways that they can be styled both for the office and for celebrations. Like a satin top that looks chic with black trousers and cool with high-cut vintage jeans. Looks with animal prints are perfect for wild girls. The trend pieces also boast beautiful details such as voluminous sleeves, ruffles on the neckline or a wrap waist.
Why you will love the outfits with silk and satin: The parts shimmer softly, play around the silhouette and are true all-rounders in terms of styling.

Braiding to wear

From city stroll to beach day: straw bags are in! The trend towards natural materials will not level off in 2019 either and has found a particularly charming fashion ambassador in the straw bag. Whether mini straw bags or XXL shoppers: straw bags scream for summer and a good mood and want to be taken fully packed on an adventure trip. Do them a favor!
Why you will love this trend: Because it is not only beautiful, but also inexpensive. Straw bags are usually much cheaper than bags made of other materials, but give the look an extra dose of nonchalance.

Well protected

What fashion accessories can we not do without this summer? Hats! And gladly extra large. And also applies otherwise: the more striking, the better! The Instagram feeds are literally flooded with the XXL variants. We think: no wonder. Because the oversized headgear not only looks incredibly sophisticated, but also becomes the ideal companion in the blazing sun. You can conveniently recycle your favorite outfit from last summer: the extravagant accessory gives it a whole new look. Practically!
Why you will love the outfit with the XXL hat: fashion accessory and anti-aging protection in one? Check! This fashion trend is one of our favorite this year for its multifunctionality alone.

Pleated blind, please!

Wrinkles, ruffles and pleated blinds: The play with shapes continues in 2019 and gives dresses , skirts and tops a romantic touch. The flowing transitions in particular ensure sexy, sensual notes. And the shapely parts also prove to be true combination talents: easy and light in everyday looks, elegant in evening wear and surprisingly grown up in business suits. Asymmetry or the connection with ruffles? Even better! We can’t get enough of these details either.
Why you will love these outfits: The skillful drapes are real figure flatterers: they conjure up curves, draw attention in the desired direction and nestle in exactly the right places.

Fringed soft spot

Western-inspired fringes have determined catwalks, Instagram feeds and street looks of fashion cities in the past season. Now the long threads are becoming ever finer, more delicate and feminine and have nothing to do with the folkloric cowboy style. Instead, they spread the glamorous twenties feeling and, in combination with contemporary cuts, provide above all for elegant looks. Whether skirts, tops, dresses or accessories – with fringes every fashion piece becomes a new favorite .

Just let it grind

You are not bound to every gift for nothing. Loops tell us: “It is something particularly precious”. That’s why they now belong on hair, on clothes, accessories and even on shoes. Whether dainty and sweet, dramatically striking, girly playful or sexy sexy: there are no limits to the beautiful art of binding in summer 2019. In any case, bows look incredibly feminine. What will your bow look be?
Why you will love the bow-embellished outfit: Because you are something special – show it to everyone and tie a bow!


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