The Perfect Bridal Shoes Really Matters!

Of course, the wedding dress plays the main role in the choice of wedding shoes. After all, the styling on the wedding day should be perfect from head to toe. Simple wedding shoes in white or ivory go well with classically elegant A-line dresses. A safe choice are slightly pointed and noble pumps. The noble variant: simple white pumps with elaborate rhinestone decorations on the heel.

Did you fall in love with a boho dress? Then you can wear wonderful flat bridal shoes. Because they go great with the style of the wedding dress. They look very pretty with rhinestones or sandals or ballerinas decorated with pearls. For those who float in front of the altar in a figure-hugging lace dress in the mermaid style, sexy sandals in white, cream or metallic tones are great. They visually lengthen the legs, stretch the figure and provide a seductive hip swing.

Anyone who has opted for a short wedding dress can wear eye-catching bridal shoes. How about peep-toes in 50s style or sexy stilettos with sparkling rhinestones? If you like it more comfortable, you can of course also choose feminine ballerinas as wedding shoes.

Tips for buying bridal shoes: which heel height is ideal?

First things first: You should only wear high bridal shoes if you can walk safely in them. After all, the walk to the altar should not be a trip. And also consider: The wedding day is long and at some point your feet will hurt. So get more comfortable – but equally chic – change shoes that you can slip into later.

When choosing the heel height, you have to pay attention to the exact length of the skirt, especially with a long wedding dress. So that the dress is not too short in the end, you should buy your bridal shoes early and bring them with you to try on, then the hem length can be adjusted to the heel height.

And: The groom also has a say in the choice of wedding shoes. If the bride and groom are approximately the same size and the bride should not tower over her future husband in the wedding photos, very high bridal shoes are taboo.

Mega awesome: shoes where you can swap heels! This is possible, for example, with the pieces from the Munich label Mime et moi. Here you can easily change the heels by height, shape and color using a lever system. Perfect for all brides who want to wear high shoes at the wedding and who want to switch to flat heels later in the evening.

What colors are trendy for bridal shoes 2019?

Sure, bridal shoes in white, ivory or cream always work. When buying bridal shoes, especially with cream and ivory, you should make sure that the tones of the dress and shoes really match. Tip: Take a piece of the wedding dress fabric with you when buying bridal shoes. You can get that from the seamstress who changes your dress.

But it doesn’t always have to be classic. On Instagram, Pinterest & Co. you can also see brides who have chosen bridal shoes in bright colors. How about bridal shoes in azure or pink or models in shiny metallic tones like silver, gold or rose gold? They belong to the bridal shoe trends 2019.

Our tip for everyone who wants to wear colored bridal shoes: match your bridal bouquet to the bridal shoes. This creates a harmonious overall picture!


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