The Perfect Handbag For The Big Day

The time has come. The date is fixed, the location is booked, the wedding dress has been bought. On the most beautiful day of life, however, you also have to pay attention to the accessories . The jewelry, shoes, hairstyle and handbag should harmonize with the dress and clothes of the groom. Traditionally, as a bride to a wedding, you wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. With the handbag, there are great opportunities to follow this tradition. A colored highlight in the wedding dress can also be picked up nicely by the bag. A long-awaited designer piece could also be purchased as long as it fits in color and style.

The material should be selected to match the dress. Lace, silk, satin or leather should complement the look and only stand out if desired if a simple dress is to be visually spiced up. When viewed in daylight, the colors usually look different than in a shop or a website. If necessary, several bags should be ordered for viewing. It should be considered beforehand which utensils have to be stowed in the handbag and which can also be left to the maid of honor or the mother of the bride. While large handbags are often used in everyday life, they are usually unsuitable for a wedding.

Handkerchiefs, ID cards and make-up, such as powder or lipstick , should always be within reach of the bride. Things like deodorant, dental floss, nail files, hair clips, tablets or replacement lenses (for contact lens wearers) can be obtained from the maid of honorbe accommodated. It should be considered beforehand whether your own cell phone is really needed. Most of the time, the schedule is quite tight and the cell phone is of secondary importance. Keys or purses do not belong in a bride’s handbag and can be stored elsewhere.

Forms of styles

When the choice of the necessary utensils is complete, one decides on the right style. For that there are different possibilities:

  • A bridal bag is traditionally worn on the bride’s wrist. The volume is quite small and it shouldn’t be too heavy. The advantage is to have both hands free and the things you need are quickly at hand. At times frowned upon by its old-fashioned manner, it is now enjoying increasing popularity.
  • The clutch has become more and more fashionable. Small, handy and mostly rectangular, it offers enough space and with pearls, sequins or lace has become a regular sight as an accessory for the bride. In order to keep both hands free, there are now also clutch bags with integrated, elegant carrying straps, which can also be hidden in the pocket if necessary.
  • A tote bag can be carried on the forearm or over the shoulder and offers enough freedom to hold a glass of champagne or to hug the guests.
  • The obligatory handbag was worn less for a long time. It is unsuitable and too integrated into everyday life to be suitable for a bride. This opinion is now out of date. There are beautiful, filigree handbags on the market that can also be worn on festive occasions thanks to their look.

In times of the internet there is also the possibility of having bags personalized. A photo on the inside of the bag, elaborate embroidery or prints with names and dates make it unique and a wonderful memento. Matching the wedding dressor a piece of lace can be integrated into the veil or the wedding saying can be immortalized. Individual details of the wedding dress can be repeated in the handbag and turn it into an individual accessory. Even unusual bridal shoes can be perfectly integrated into clothing with this option. Matching key rings can also be used as a loving memento after the wedding. If you choose this option, there is usually a certain waiting time to consider as these are often made by hand.

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