The Perfect Skirt Length For Your Figure + Formula To Calculate!

We all somehow love feminine clothing that can be wonderfully transformed into any style and integrated into any look, right ?! Then skirts are the ideal garments. But when it comes to styling, skirts are not always the easiest styling partners. Their length can sometimes be fatal and sometimes doesn’t really flatter your figure. This is due to the skirt length in 99% of cases, because not every one fits every figure. Today I have the solution for you: with a little math formula you can immediately find out whether the skirt of our desire also flatters the figure or makes the body look disadvantageous.

Let’s be honest: Just because it’s getting colder, you don’t have to do without feminine pieces. Thanks to tights, boots and a long coat, even delicate skirts can be worn wonderfully in autumn and winter. Unfortunately, not every fit flatters our proportions. Some silhouettes hide wonderfully, while others apply even more. But which skirt fits which figure now? The answer is surprising. Because actually everything depends on the length. The mathematician Lily Serna has developed a formula for this that calculates the perfect skirt length for our body type. As of today, bad purchases are a thing of the past!

This is how we calculate our optimal skirt length:

The formula is based on the aesthetics of the “golden ratio” – a principle of symmetry that architects and artists also adhere to. Because the eye perceives exactly this orientation – whether in architecture, art, in the surgical field or just with styling, it is the most visually pleasing and therefore particularly beautiful. This is precisely why this principle has existed for centuries.
If we see our body as a sculpture, a work of art, it quickly becomes clear that it really makes sense. And it’s that easy:

  • Measure the length of your body from your shoulders to the floor in centimeters – paragraphs should be included
  • Divide this by 1,618
  • The resulting number of centimeters is the perfect skirt length for you measured from the shoulders

These are the current rock trends for autumn and winter

Now we know how to find the perfect skirt length. But that’s somehow only half the battle. Because if you want to shop now, you first have to know which skirt shapes, colors, materials and patterns are actually trendy right?

But you know me, I will not leave you there alone 🙂 From long to mini, from casual to sexy – I have researched for you and selected the most beautiful models to fall in love with and shop.

Cord models

The 70s have been on our fashion radar for a long time. But this fall, especially in one variant: as a mini skirt made of cord in rich colors from red to camel or forest green. We prefer to wear it now in a light A-line with cool 70ties slouch boots.

Checkered skirts

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. Yes, the trend pattern has now pretty much grazed the entire wardrobe. And yet the look doesn’t get boring. He is currently causing a stir on midi skirts. Super cool with coarse-mesh wool sweaters and sock boots.

Buttoned pencil skirts

Buttons are also one of the most important rock trends in autumn and winter. And not single buttons that serve as a supplement to the zipper. But magnificent jewelry buttons that are distributed along the pencil skirt and become an eye-catcher. Here the skirt is already the best accessory and large earrings and chains can stay in the jewelry box with this look.

Animal prints

Animal prints in snake, leopard or zebra look are back. And not just on shoes, handbags or coats. No, the trend patterns have also spilled over onto skirts. Whether short or long. However, my favorite remains the midi length, which is great with white retro boots and turtlenecks.

Slip skirts

They are what the slip dress was in summer: a classy classic that always goes. Slip dresses are made of delicate materials such as satin or silk and shimmer very gently. The delicate fabric flows around the body and reminds of sexy lingerie. What do you combine them with? Best with tights, fine strappy sandals à la Celine and a casually cut sweater with V-neck.


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