The Right Make-up And A Hairstyle That Underlines The Whole Outfit

For the bride, the day is extraordinary in every sense and that is of course reflected in her look. In addition to the beautiful dream robe, the bridal jewelry, white shoes and a veil, the right make-up and a hairstyle that underlines the whole outfit and makes it special also belong to it. Only a few brides dare to design their hair and make-up themselves and are happy to leave it in professional hands.

Make an appointment

It is important to find a hairdresser who knows his trade and who can create bridal hairstyles in a safe and experienced manner. Many hairdressers, who are very good at cutting and coloring hair, have little experience in the wedding sector. So if you want a slightly more complex hairstyle than just a little curly or tucked back, you should look for a specialist. Make sure you find the right hairdresser at an early stage: the specialists are quickly booked out, especially in the wedding season. You should also plan time to attend at least one trial appointment.

Find the right hairstyle

Once you have arranged a meeting, you should prepare well. It helps the hairdressers if you bring pictures of hairstyles that they like. It doesn’t have to be an exact copy of the illustration, it’s about the style. Not every hairstyle fits every face, but with a design the professional can develop a concept that perfectly suits the type of bride.

In principle, almost all hairstyles are possible, but complicated braided hairstyles often have to be worked with hairpieces. However, high-quality products can be integrated into the hair in such a way that outsiders do not notice it. If you work with hairpieces, you should dye them together with the main hair in order to achieve the perfect tone. Otherwise it can happen that the individual strands look different. But even without hair pieces, there are various loose hairstyles that give natural hair fullness.

The bride should also consider in advance whether she would like to wear a veil, whether the hairstyle should be done with or without jewelry and also take a photo of the wedding dress to the appointment. The hairstyle should match the wedding dress and harmonize well, e.g. B. you can put the open back or lace in scene with a pinned up hairstyle.

Choose make-up appropriately

Make-up is also an important topic and many hairdressers also offer make-up, which should also be tried out beforehand. The most important rule here is: You have to feel comfortable and not appear disguised. Those who prefer the natural look don’t need gaudy colors. The make-up should also be adapted to the hairstyle and dress. Therefore, if the hairdresser does not offer make-up, it is important to discuss it with both service providers.

In addition to the hairstyle, you should definitely plan enough time on the big day. If something does not appeal to you, there must be the option of opening the hairstyle completely and starting over. Neither the hairdresser nor the bride should be under time pressure. It would be better to enjoy the moment and relax. Therefore, you should tell the hairdresser when the wedding is taking place and it is better to finish an hour early: A professionally made bridal hairstyle lasts all day. To the appointment you can z. B. take the photographer or maid of honor, but definitely not too many people. In many salons there is also the possibility of changing clothes on site and being picked up by the bridal car or carriage.

What hairstyles are there?

Short hair

Brides with short hair are often concerned that they cannot do anything special with their hair. In fact, there are various ways to create beautiful hairstyles with short hair. With the help of hairpieces, z. B. a small wreath can be braided, which is worked up with jewelry or flowers. It looks elegant and romantic.

Open hair

Open hair is very popular for more natural looks, e.g. B. in the style of Boho or Vintage. Open hair gives a princess look, is fairytale-like and looks curly, but also great straight. The hairdresser can e.g. B. braid a small braid on the side to keep the strands out of your face. Longer jewelry, a diadem or a veil can be worked into open hair.

Have friends design your hairstyle and make-up

Of course, you can also choose the low-budget option and have your maid, mother or friend do your hair and make-up. If the person is particularly talented or a professional, it is usually not a problem. Here too, you should practice the hairstyle beforehand. However, there is a risk that the responsible person will not notice it correctly because of the excitement, especially at hobby hairdressers. So if you want to be on the safe side, you should work with a professional hairdresser and make-up artist.


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