The Right Top For Every Arm Type

At midsummer temperatures we want to dress as airy as possible and still hide small problem areas. The right sleeve length is everything – We reveals which top fits your arms and what you should pay attention to. Whether thin upper arms or small bacon pads, with these styling tips you will find the right top to put your arms in the limelight. The right t-shirt shape for full and thin arms Luckily, the classic t-shirt never goes out of style. It can be easily upgraded for the office with elegant trousers and works just as well with jeans or shorts in your free time.

Depending on the figure, the arm length is decisive for the successful look. In summer 2018, especially casual shirts are the order of the day: wide-cut sleeves and an extra long fit – great for anyone who wants to distract them from fuller upper arms! One sleeve, which ends just above the elbow and is cut airily, directs the gaze to the slimmer forearms.Be careful with very tight T-shirts and close-fitting sleeves, here love handles mercilessly stand out. You can also wear the XXL sleeve length if you want to provide a little more visual fullness: twisted twice, they make the look a little wider and at the same time make the whole look sporty.

Jersey shirts for trained arms The sporty association “muscle shirts” is no coincidence: you can’t hide anything with these sleeveless shirts, so well-trained upper arms are clearly an advantage. For young women with slim upper arms and everyone who feels comfortable in it, cotton is ideal for leisure. Made of flowing viscose or in a silk look and with a high neckline, the sleeveless shirt is also a stylish addition to the business look.

Valances make thin arms appear fuller Ruffles and frills are stylish all-rounders and, depending on where they are attached, fit every figure. If they are placed on the sleeve seams, they are not only extremely feminine and elegant – they also distract from voluminous upper arms. The trick for very slim women: wear ruffles that are sewn directly onto the shoulders and virtually replace the sleeves if you want to cheat a little wider. This is where the ruffles provide more volume. A nice side effect: ruffles are also little helpers for everyone who wants something more in the chest area. Attached directly to the cleavage, they visually cushion.

Negligee tops hide problem areas Camisole tops have long left the bedroom. In summer 2018, too, they are simply the airiest variant for hot days. The most elegant are models made of delicate silk, Satin and with lace insert. If you want to get away from the laundry look, choose linen or cotton variants. These tops work for all upper arms. It is important that they are not too tight and that the skin, especially on the armpits and shoulders, is not pinched unpleasantly. Therefore, make sure that you have a relaxed fit, especially with stronger arms.

Long-cut models that fall loosely over the trousers also conceal small problem areas on the stomach or hips. But be careful, the wrong bra can ruin this look completely: the color and width should ideally match the shirt wearer. Transparent supports are absolutely forbidden! They look cheap quickly and often constrict.

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