The Right Trend Glasses For Every Face Type

No matter whether at the “Silmo” in Paris or the “opti” in Munich – the latest eyewear trends 2020 open up a wide range of models, sizes and colors. And this means that almost every face type is offered a variety of designs that not only meet the criteria of fit, but can also be freely selected according to personal taste. A short shape analysis of the face can quickly determine which trend glasses match the shape of the contours.

In the meantime, the new trend models have arrived in the shop windows of specialist dealers, the selection of which can be viewed online at leisure, as with the optician Fielmann . It is not always easy to find a suitable model that fits the personal style , hairstyle and face shape. If you still don’t want to do without convenient online ordering, you should trace your contours in front of the mirror – i.e. your chin, cheekbones and forehead.

Glasses trend berry: Ideal for oval and round faces

Those who wear an oval face shape can choose between strong, dark berry tones, trendy horn glasses in tortoise style and distinctive shapes, because almost all models are allowed. This is mainly due to the fact that this face type appears to be largely harmonious and balanced: the widest part is at the level of the cheekbones and becomes evenly narrower upwards and downwards. Nose and mouth blend in proportionally harmoniously. Although there are no regulations in the choice of glasses, the only thing missing to perfection is that the frame is at least as wide as the horizontal line at the level of the cheekbones. The round type enjoys a little less variety in the selection: Identically wide vertical contours ensure that the face appears large and round, which is why particularly angular, striking glasses with a wide rim are ideal, because they add something and distract from the broad lines. In contrast, it is important to avoid small, round glasses and transparent frames.

Transparency and material mix: triangular and elongated faces get their money’s worth here

Among the 2015 eyewear trendsIn addition to strong colors in contrast, transparent frames, rimless glasses and mixtures of plastic and metal are also in demand, which go well with face types, which appear narrow and delicate and have a slight triangle or heart shape. This is characterized by a relatively broad, box-shaped forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow mouth area with a pointed chin. Since this type of face appears very large at height and above the eyes, the area should not be emphasized, which is why subtle glasses with soft, oval shapes are ideal. Eye-catching nose bridges and distinctive frames should be avoided as these emphasize the eye-catching contours. The general rule is to optically divide the face, which looks elongated, without creating a bulky effect due to the striking colors and shapes.

Useful tips for laminating and emphasizing

Finding the right shape is not easy, but choosing a color can also be a long process. If you match the glasses to your season typesab, this choice can be shortened: Light, golden skin, freckles and yellow-blonde to honey-colored hair, for example, can be assigned to the spring type, which ideally uses strong gold, brown and beige tones. The cool winter type with dark hair and Snow White complexion, on the other hand, chooses silvery and blue-black models. Regardless of the type of face that glasses can be matched to, the nose is also in focus because it also marks the center of the frame. A long nose can be visually shortened with a low-lying frame and a narrow bridge, with striking temples additionally distracting. A small nose, on the other hand, is optimized with a high bridge and bright colors.


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