The Rise Of Indian Fashion

Gone are the days when there were only limited available options in clothing. With new developing technology and expanding boundaries India has seen a steep rise in the fashion sector. The face of the Indian fashion sector is rapidly changing with new collections and arrivals of clothing. One of the most evolving sectors in fashion is women’s wear. Women in India have many open options to discover, explore and experience new clothing collections which in turn allow the fashion sector to experiment and come up with new exciting ideas. Let us see in detail how the rise of fashion in India took place.


One of the primary factors contributing to the rise of Indian fashion is the ease of accessibility that it has to offer with the advent of technology. Today each and every woman can access the social media with the help of their smart phones from any corner of the world. This accessibility has given them the option to see and explore fashion. Social media, online shopping portals and online websites are the prime contributors which offer women a wide range of clothing ranging from ethnic wear to designer wear. It is because of this factor that women have started to try out new designs in clothing.


Boutiques in India act as a catalyst for the Indian fashion. Women who love wearing customised sarees, kurtis, dresses etc can do it so by visiting a near by boutique. Boutiques offer a wide variety of options especially in sarees and gowns. If you are an ardent lover of sarees and love to get heavy work on your blouses then the best choice, I can offer are boutiques. These boutiques hire their own tailors, have their own staff and work on their own designs which you cannot find anywhere else.

Shopping portals

Are you in the mood to explore the western collection at Indian rates? Then online shopping platforms like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, Ajio etc offer you all the collections you carve at your budget. I have recently purchased a shrug for me from one of these portals and I was totally amazed at the quality I received. The purchase was worth my amount. In case you are not happy with your online purchase you can easily get it returned, exchanged, replaced or refunded without any hassle. These portals often come with great discounts and sales.


If your choice is to explore is the Indian online market, then websites would be the best option for you. The websites have all collections of sarees, kurits, dress materials, jewellery, bags, accessories and much more. You can shop all of them under the same roof thus saving your time with the search ending. Aldo the Indian websites offer you many categories in each section. For instance, if you select sarees from a website, it immediately shows you a number of options like Kanchipuram, kuppadam, uppada, benarsi, paithani, mysore silk etc. If you go for ethnic wear then the options are innumerable under each category.

On the whole, the rise of Indian fashion is due to many factors within India. It introduced the consumers to many ethnic options outside their region thus helping them in identifying their own ultimate choice. It not only has opened doors for imports but has also made its mark outside our country. For instance, one can witness lehengas worn in abroad countries during Dasara. One can also witness the richness of silk saree draped in the weavings of handlooms being worn by Indians who reside outside India. Thus, the rise of fashion in India has set its own benchmark among other nations.


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