The Sunglasses Now Appear On The Nose As A Trend In The 70’s Style

If something pays off as an investment in terms of designer fashion, then it is – in addition to classic shoes and handbags, which can really be used as an investment – sunglasses . There are several reasons for this. Apart from the fact that it is essential for the health of the eyes and a safe stay in the sun to focus on quality over quantity in sunglasses, you can actually use them all year round. On a winter day when this snow glows so insolently that you feel the short night even worse. Or, for a simple outfitto give more coolness and elegance in no time at all to the glasses. In spring and summer 2020 this is particularly easy with the new sunglasses, which are a fashion trend in the style of the 70s.

Sunglasses With Round Lenses

While the sunglasses fashion of the previous decade was primarily limited to the typical oval glasses, the sunglasses experienced a trend in the wild 70s in a new variety of designs, lens shapes and colors . Glasses with an oval-shaped plastic frame replaced the counterpart with round lenses, which today reminds us of the Summer of Love , the hippie movement and the relaxed lifestyle of the anti-war movement at the time like no other accessory .

You wear the sunglasses trend in spring and summer 2020 either authentically to 70ies trends such as on the runway at Alberta Ferretti and Celine in the form of suede jackets, crochet tops, flared jeans and flowing maxi dresses with floral patterns or as a stylistic contrast to clean outfits.

Aviator Sunglasses

Like many other things in fashion – think of the trench coat, the jumpsuit or combat boots – the aviator sunglasses also have their origins in the military or the professional profile of the pilot, as the name suggests. The characteristic shape for sunglasses with a fine metal frame, usually a double bridge and teardrop-shaped lens was invented to protect the eyes from the glaring radiation at lofty heights and to guarantee the pilot an unrestricted view even under difficult conditions. After the American General Douglas MacArthur was photographed with such glasses on his nose when he landed on a beach in the Philippines in 1944, sunglasses advanced from a purely useful accessory to a fashion trend. Since then, the glasses in aviator style have been onA classic that is launched every season in new versions – for spring / summer 2020 by Michael Kors with a slightly angular metal frame and yellow-tinted glasses, by Anna Sui with a pink tint and by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy in a retro look with contrast-colored inserts on Frame.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

First of all, a relief: Fortunately, turtles no longer have to die for this sunglasses trend. Because the characteristic look of the tortoiseshell material came from the patterned shells of the animals, which in addition to glasses frames were also often used to make bracelets, earrings or cufflinks. Nowadays, tortoiseshell-look models are made from acetate or other plastic compounds in a very animal-friendly way, so that trendy sunglasses can be carried out with a clear conscience. In addition to models in the hint of a cateye, such as on the runway at Victoria Beckham for spring / summer 2020, sunglasses with an XL frame and correspondingly oversized, mostly dark brown or ocher-yellow lenses are particularly popular this season.


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