The Top 5 Designer Bags: An Investment Is Worthwhile Here!

There are one or two handbags that we fashion lovers simply cannot get past. As you can imagine, I’m talking here as a bag addict from experience 🙂 What is often beautiful cars for men is definitely a pretty designer bag for us women . The high quality, the often detailed handwork, as well as the respective designer behind it often ensure a proud bag price, and therefore a fashionable investment should be well considered. I have always chosen my personal pieces of jewelry very carefully over the years and only finally acquired them after a long period of thought.

The first question that often arises before buying a designer bag: Should it be a trendy seasonal model or rather a timeless classic bag? I always like to opt for the second variant and therefore tell you today which classic designer bag models you can never go wrong with and which bag is worth saving a little longer. I would be totally interested in which bags belong to your personal treasures and which model you might be saving on?

As you know, I bought beautiful boots from Balenciaga some time ago. The French label today, but originally founded by the Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga , is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in everyday accessories. The City Bag or Motorcycle Bag is perfect for everyday use . It is ideal for shopping tours and its size offers enough space for all (unnecessary) things that we women carry around with us every day;) Characteristic for this designer bag classic are the butter-soft leather, the striking rivets and the small buckles can be found on every model. They come in several sizes and price ranges.

Chanel Boy Bag: the noble “cool”

Investing your own money in such an expensive accessory is an overcoming – absolutely. For this reason, you should do your research well for the final decision, as well as buying in-store or online, and look at different model variants to see which one suits you and your style best. Only with trendy pieces from designer sales , it is important to be quick 🙂 Unfortunately , the chic Boy Bag by Chanel is almost never to be found on sale , but in many second-hand stores. My special tip: A designer bag doesn’t always have to be brand new. It is also worth browsing through various vintage shops – especially if you want to save some money. I also bought my Chanel Boy Bag second hand and online.What you should pay attention to when buying, I have summarized you here in the form of 7 tips.

Celine Trio Bag: the subtle

Céline’s designs are always reserved and this is also the hallmark of the Céline Trio Bag . The small designer bag does not require any eye-catching details or eye-catchers and can be worn perfectly for all occasions. The eponymous “trio” of compartments that are characteristic of the bag is particularly practical. The designer bag is also a good start in terms of price: used models are available from € 400. If you like it colorful, this designer bag classic is also a lot of fun, because the color selection knows no limits!

Chanel 2.55: the fabulous

Admittedly, Chanel is always a good choice and the hype is no accident. The French favorite label is one of the most exquisite vintage goods and is therefore a very good investment. Especially the well-known Flap Bag 2.55 . Since its market launch in February 1955 – hence its name – it has become an integral part of countless and cross-generational wardrobes.The luxury bag is now available in a wide variety of designs and you can choose between different types of leather, colors, sizes and the hardware of the bag. My model is made of canvas and with her year of manufacture from 1996 she is already a real old lady. You can see that with the right care and love, a bag like this can last forever and can still be of great value even after years.

Hermes Birkin Bag: the dream must-have

Everyone knows them and almost everyone wants to own them – the Birkin Bag . The luxury bag from Hermès is a popular collector’s item and is considered a real investment for many. It has been available since 1984, but there are only a limited number of it. If you invest in this luxurious designer bag, you should expect prices starting at € 5,000 – it is unfortunately not a bargain, but it has been the most coveted bag with the longest waiting lists for decades 🙂 The object of desire of many women is named after the actress Jane Birkin and currently the most expensive handbag on the market.

Chloe Faye: the indispensable

One of my personal favorites is the beautiful bags from Chloé. I love the simple yet elegant and young design, which is further underlined by the golden details. The material mix of smooth and suede elements is also a real eye catcher. This chic variant of the designer bag comes directly from Paris and brings years of wearing pleasure. I have two versions: the Chloe Faye Medium and the slightly smaller Chloé Faye Small in Olive. Both bags are great for everyday wear and definitely worth the investment.

Hermes Kelly Bag: the princess

The big sister of the Birkin Bag is called Kelly Bag . It is of course also from Hermès and has been turning the head of the fashion world since 1956. She owes her name to the successful actress and princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. The bag is still being produced in numerous versions, but there are waiting lists here too, and you may have to wait up to two years for your new arrival. The Kelly Bag is the “princess” of the handbag models and is known for its noblesse and noble restraint. In addition, there is an incredibly high-quality leather and the finest handwork.


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