The Trendiest Ways To Think About The Quilted Jacket

When fashion borrows the stylistic codes of yesteryear, it signals the return of the iconic quilted jacket . Decried to see out-of-date, this coat which originally provided the panoply of the hunter-fisherman, finally combats fashionistas with its so British aesthetic . Because at a time when the trench and the parka are legion, the ” quilted jacket”, “husky jacket”, or quite simply the quilted coat, stands out as the seasonal fad, even going so far as to supplant the undisputed down jacket. A rise in particular influenced by the editors and the it girls who take this ultra-comfortable jacket in their luggage, when they multiply the round trips between the city and the province.


And after a brief stylistic scan, we understand why. With an unsinkable and rain- resistant quickdraw , this ancestral jacket provides a “cool” look ideal for traveling without the fuss, but also for strolling through the streets under the gray. Traditionally made of nylon and equipped with a polyester lining (wool, cotton or silk), this patchwork jacket was in its beginnings made from various fabrics assembled together, to form a single and even fashion piece. On the sides, there are commonly two desired oversized and deep pockets, originally allowing hunters to slip their cartridges. On the front, five buttons are sewn, and in the back we notice two slits, taking the characteristics of the first models.


If we know its cut and rounded lines by heart, few of us really know the origin of the quilted jacket . Appeared for the first time in the UK almost 4 centuries ago, the quilted jacket did not take the shape we know it until 1965, when Steve Guylas redraws its contours. As soon as he arrived in England, once the war was over, he opened several shops including Husky Inc, to sell the comforting quilted jacket to hunters and fishermen. The perfect ally to withstand the cool temperatures in the English prairies of the time.

Shortly after, Queen Elizabeth II legitimized it, when she put it on for the first time during one of her long royal rides, appreciating it for its flexibility and practicality giving free rein to movement. As soon as we saw His Majesty slipped into this famous fashion piece, the jacket took off and rose to the rank of trends of the time. Thirty years after his first sales, Steve Guylas sold his company to Italian businessman Saviero Moschillo, who soon inspired couture labels and ready-to-wear brands to modernize this outdoor coat, given its tireless success.


After some timid restocking in the collections of recent decades, the quilted jacket is now the trend for fall-winter 2020-2021 . Proof of this is that the most prominent fashionistas are grabbing this coat to give it a more trendy sound. At influenceuse Pernille Teisbæk we will copy the idea to associate with a cargo pants, glasses black sunglasses and fighting boots , ideal for injecting a dose of rock holding.

Those who want to surf the hype of the season, we advise you to wrap your quilted jacket with a wide belt to mark your size. Another gimmick? Let yourself be tempted by clothes stacking, which consists of superimposing the quilted jacket with other covering pieces: blazer, light sweater, immaculate t-shirt, lace bralette … The version that flashed our mode radar? Wear the ultra-long quilted jacket like a dress, buttoning it up to the neck, and teaming it with decidedly sexy heeled boots. Proof that this rustic coat certainly ticks all the right boxes.


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