These 5 Accessories Make You Look Old

Only wrinkles and gray hair make us look old? Think! When it comes to styling, there are also a few accessories that quickly cheat us 10 to 20 years older. Admittedly, some of the accessories are basically not that wrong. Many are currently celebrated by the style icons worldwide. There’s nothing wrong with a cool granny style. Only: the emphasis is on cool. That’s why we tell you the 5 accessories that make you look pretty old and show you how the accessories have to look instead so that they look stylish and trendy.

1. Pearl jewelry made of smooth, round pearls

Pearl jewelry is the best example of how cool and stylish a successful granny look can look. While smooth, round pearls are still quite bourgeois and make their wearer look much older, the trend variant of the jewelry comes in asymmetrical baroque pearls. Labels like Alighieri or Anni Lu are very popular and are carried up and down by the blogger scene. There you can see how much such a small but subtle difference in accessories can make.

2. Silk scarves over shoulder and neck

An old lady’s well-stocked wardrobe also includes a selection of silk scarves. They are then wrapped nicely around the neck or thrown over the shoulder. Older women are given the scarves the glamorous look of former Hollywood queens such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Unfortunately, they only make us look old and somehow topsy-turvy – and that’s really a shame with the many great silk scarves that are currently available in the numerous shops and online shops.

Our tip: Instead of putting the silk scarves over your shoulders or warming your neck with them, we pimp our ponytails with the scarves or use them as a style icon, Pernille Teisbaek, as an alternative to a necklace.

3. Classic handle bags

The Queen swears on her tote bags . She has even developed a sophisticated system that allows her to signal her employees about carrying her bag. Pretty cool actually. But unfortunately also pretty old-fashioned when it comes to styling. Well, Queen Elizabeth II is allowed to do that, after all, she is already 92 years old. So that you do not look similarly old with your bag, you should do without classic square leather handbags. Handbags with a statement handle or handbags in an unusual shape are much more modern .

4. Small clocks

Do old ladies wear big watches ? No way! Instead, her wrist usually adorns a small, delicate watch. It is not uncommon for this to be bicolor or to have a leather strap. In combination, such watches make even young wearers look somewhat old. If you still want to wear small watches, you can currently use the trendy mesh watches . The look is particularly cool when the watch is pulled over the sleeves of the top, as with blogger Lizzy.

5. Pumps with block heel

Pumps with a round neckline and mini block heel are part of the basic equipment of older women. No wonder, after all, the shoes are super comfortable. Unfortunately, they also make you a few years older – especially if the shoe and heel are made of the same material. Of course, we don’t want to do without the comfortable shoes either. The trick so that these shoes don’t make you look old is called a “statement”. Means we use pumps with eye-catching details and special heels. So-called V-neck pumps are also absolutely stylish , in which the foot cut is not rounded but pointed.


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