These 5 Fashion Trends Make You Slim!

Are you looking for fashion that will make you look slim and stunning? Here are 5 trend pieces that can be combined great and are also real figure flatterers.┬áMany fashion trends look great on the ultra-slim Instagram stars, but when we stand in the locker room ourselves and slip on the part, the disillusionment comes. It’s just that: Not every trendy style is made for us. Fortunately, there is also fantastic fashion this year, which not only looks stylish, but also does a lot for us (to put it in Guido’s words). Here are 5 fashion trends that make you slim!

1. Culottes

You might be asking yourself: How can a pair of pants that are so wide make you slim? We explain it to you: The figure flattering secret of the culottes is exactly this width in combination with the 7/8 length. Because of the straight cut, the fabric plays around the legs without them being visible below. In addition, 7/8 culottes emphasize the narrow fetters. This makes the legs look much slimmer overall. Tip: If you then style high shoes like comfortable wedge sandals or sandals with block heels to the culotte – the slimming effect is perfect.

2. Vertical stripes

Must-haves this summer clearly include vertical stripes – from subtle pinstripes to striking block stripes. Whether it’s a blazer, trousers or a dress – the stripe pieces are real slim magicians because they visually stretch the entire figure.

Tip: The slimming effect is particularly great with striped dress pants or palazzo pants. So you hit two trends with one outfit!

3. Button dresses (and skirts)

Also among the top trends in summer: dresses made of denim with a button placket in the middle ( e.g. this beautiful model from Amazon ). The blue one-piece pieces are real figure miracles, because the emphasized center visually lengthens the body and makes it look much slimmer. Another plus: the feminine curves are modeled perfectly in the scene thanks to the somewhat firmer fabric.

If you can’t find a denim dress with buttons, a blouse with a V-neck and a knee-length A-skirt with a button placket will do it instead.

Tip: To hide the belly, you can wear an abdominal panties or a shapewear body under the dress or skirt. It conjures up the stomach flat and at the same time lifts the bottom. Win win!

4. Pleated trousers

High-cut pleated trousers and straight, wide suit trousers with a crease inspire the fashion world. The fashion classics not only look super elegant – they are also real figure wonders. Because thanks to the straight cut and the crease, the trend pants make the legs look longer and slimmer.

Tip: Trousers in white, pink tones or bright red are now particularly popular with fashionistas. Of course, models in black or dark blue make them even slimmer.

5. Boyfriend blazer

In contrast to classic blazers, which have a slim fit and a tailored cut, boyfriend blazers have a very casual fit and are cut straight and a little longer. This makes them the perfect figure-flatterers, because when worn open, they visually stretch the upper body and conceal wide hips due to their excess length.

Tip: You can achieve an even greater slimming effect if you wear straight-cut suit trousers in the same color with the blazer. With a t-shirt and sneakers you can break up the classy look and make it suitable for everyday use.


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