These 5 Items Of Clothing Will Instantly Make You Slimmer

Shoulders that are too wide, a base of your stomach or strong legs? You actually don’t care. Because a little reminder: every body is beautiful. We have put together a few tips for everyone who still feels uncomfortable sometimes and would rather hide the love handles or riding pants.

Clothes and dresses that make you slimmer

Generally there are clothes that make us look slimmer than others. Colors, the cut and the material play an important role.

Color : Black basically makes us look slimmer, that’s no secret. Because the sound swallows light and outlines are more difficult to recognize on a black background. The effect: an optical illusion. Now it’s not fun to wear only dark colors. It doesn’t have to be that way either! Because patterns (jaha!) Such as leopard, vertical stripes or floral prints also distract from superfluous pounds. However, it depends on the cut.

Cut : stay away from oversize or egg shape, because both apply. In addition, you do not need to hide, on the contrary: show what you have and emphasize your chocolate sides, such as a pretty cleavage (V-neck), a narrow waist (e.g. with a belt) or your arms (short sleeves). Based on this, you then choose the right cut of the garment for you.

Material : Flowing fabrics such as viscose, cotton, wool, linen or silk are advantageous. You should avoid using cord, velvet or satin, as these can apply materials. However, exceptions always confirm the rule: If you are narrowly built around the top, but have wide hips and a more voluptuous bottom, wear, for example, a velvet top and no skirt made of this material. He would only cheat you kilos.

Look slimmer: What else you should consider

You can of course also use shapewear , but this can be annoying, especially in summer, because it is just too warm. The following applies to shoes : models with heels or platform shoes visually stretch us and make us appear narrower. Attention : If you have strong calves, you should avoid stiletto heels, as they make the leg appear wider. The same applies to slippers, ballerinas or loafers.

Ankle boots are a good alternative to sock boots, which are easier to apply because they are so tight. Rough laced boots flatter your figure if you have narrow legs but a wider upper body. For strong thighs, combine sneakers with jeans in the same color.

Conceal broad shoulders

Those with broad shoulders can quickly appear beefy. A broad cross has nothing to do with weight, but with genes. With a few tweaks, the upper body can be visually narrowed: tops with a V-neck steer to the cleavage, tops with wide straps create balance. In order to balance the proportions, voluminous skirts or wide trousers and turtlenecks help . The material should be flowing.

Striking prints, short sleeves or shoulder pads are rather unsuitable for wide shoulders.

Conceal thick upper arms & large bust

For wider upper arms, grab tops that have at least half a sleeve. Sure, it’s not a problem in winter anyway, but in summer? Dresses and tops with a Carmen neckline help because they focus on the clavicle and shoulders. Shirt dress is pretty and airy . If you have a large breast and don’t like to show it off, wear turtlenecks or V- neck tops in cold months , which visually lengthen the neck and stretch the torso.

In addition, blouses with bows (loops), button placket or accessories distract from a large breast like a cloth. A miracle weapon that always works (by the way, also with wider upper arms): wrap dresses .

Conceal the belly

Small bulge, big belly or a few kilos too much: Getting rid of streaky fat is very difficult. If you are tired of doing sit-ups or just want to stand by your belly but still want to show it off advantageously , these clothes are best:

  • High waist jeans / trousers and skirts
  • A-line wrap dresses and dresses
  • Tops with drapes and patterns
  • Tone on tone outfits
  • Dresses or skirts in combination with short sweaters

Laminate wide hips and buttocks

If you want to somewhat hide your avoidable problem area, you should not reach for several layers of fabric. This applies and makes you appear wider. With a wrap dress , longer cardigans or blazers you can discreetly minimize your hips and bottom . Style with a t-shirt or a thin sweater .

Advantageous jeans are flared models with high-waist waistband, wide legs and dark wash and Marlene trousers.

Strong legs or buttocks conceal with pants that make you slim

Thicker legs or thighs are covered by wide trousers, such as Marlene trousers or cropped trousers . Dark colors and high shoes also stretch. But blue jeans work: Attack to a jeans pant and combine to recordable as plateau sneakers. Tip: If you take a size up, the pants fit a little looser and make your legs appear narrower. You don’t like to wear pants? Then grab a skirt in an A-line and combine it with overknees . The skirt closes best with the shaft of the boots.


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