These 5 Styling Rules Matter!

No autumn and winter without the trendy layered look! Not only does the layered style look super casual and is one of THE fashion trends of the season – the onion principle is also super practical: in the cold temperatures outside, the layers of clothing keep us nice and warm, and when we get inside, we can easily take them off. A cool layering also shows a sense of style and shows that you know how to combine fashion skillfully.

Combine layering look: With these 5 styling rules your outfit will be perfect!

Layering is more than just randomly pulling clothes on top of each other. Because if you combine the wrong parts with each other, you quickly look like a Michelin man. So that this fashion faux pas doesn’t happen to you, here are the most important styling rules for the layered look!

Rule No. 1: Do not apply too thick!

Limit your layering look to three visible layers. Too many layers can be applied quickly. You should also choose figure-hugging garments for the first layer and more cuts for the outer layers. So your outfit stays comfortable and casual. Super trendy is a layered style consisting of a longer cut blouse and a loose fitting, somewhat shorter sweater . A pair of jeans and an autumn jacket such as a leather jacket or a light coat go well with this.

Do you like it more casual? Then choose a plain white t-shirt and wear an open denim or check shirt and a coat. With a short skirt or shorts, you create another layer. In addition, cool boots look great.

Rule No 2: Play with the lengths

Different lengths are a must when layering. After all, the look lives from the fact that a bit of fabric flashes out here and there. Due to the different lengths, you can also model your figure. If you are small and dainty, you should make sure that the longest “upper part” extends to the middle of the thigh. This prevents the body from appearing squat. The following applies to curvy women: choose clothing so that the widest part of the body is visually concealed. Make sure that the individual layers do not end exactly at the height of the widest point, but are cut a little longer.

Tip: roll up the sleeves of your jacket or sweater to reveal the lower layer. Or knot a shirt or denim jacket around your waist. So you create another exciting situation.

Rule No. 3: Pay attention to the proportions

To prevent the layered look from being too bulky, you should always have your entire silhouette in view. That means: If you wear something wide around the top, you should rather choose straight, slim trousers – and vice versa. Toll include skinny jeans , as well as leggings in leather look.

Rule No 4: Color gradations are particularly stylish

Of course, the colors also play a decisive role in the layered look: the combination of garments in gentle color gradations such as off-white, beige and light brown is super trendy. Also great: the combination of black, gray tones and blue. You are also welcome to use a gaudier tone as an effect color in your look and combine neutral tones with it.

Rule No. 5: Different materials create tension

Last but not least, the secret of a perfect layer look lies in an exciting mix of materials. Combine different materials in your outfit, such as opaque heavy fabrics and coarse knits to create light, airy materials. Tip: Coarse knitted scarves or finely woven scarves add another material component to your outfit and are wonderful to give the layered look the finishing touch.

By the way: THIS layered look is back now!

Finally, a message that should particularly please fans of the 2000s: the dress-over-jeans trend is actually back now. Easy layering is particularly popular with famous fashion bloggers like Chriselle Lim or Aimee Song. They combine silky slip dresses or unbuttoned flowing kimono dresses with casual jeans. This creates outfits that are cool and exciting at the same time.

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