These 6 Mistakes Should Definitely Be Avoided

If you seriously claim that shopping for jeans is fun, you simply cannot tell the truth, can you? Don’t get us wrong. Denim pants are one of our favorite fashion trends . They are comfortable to wear, go with everything and are therefore super easy to style. The crux of the matter is only: Finding the right jeans that fit your own style and flatter your figure optimally is like a tedious, nerve-wracking treasure hunt strewn with traps – which would even put Indiana Jones to the limit of his powers. The reason for this is that when we buy jeans, we actually subconsciously make all the mistakes – which can be easily avoided.

Shop jeans: You should definitely avoid these mistakes – and this is how it works better. Our colleagues from WhoWhatWear spoke to denim experts and elicited the biggest mistakes when buying jeans – and asked right afterwards how you could do better. We took this as an opportunity to ask the biggest denim fans internally at the editorial office about their shopping failures and their best shopping tips when it comes to jeans. The 6 biggest mistakes when shopping for jeans and how to avoid them

1. Go shopping in a bad mood

The first jeans pinch the buttocks, the second on the thighs and the third does not even touch the belly. Such setbacks are not uncommon when shopping for jeans. It is all the more important not to be discouraged and to continue to slip into the denim pieces with confidence, optimism and a good mood. The right jeans will definitely come. If you already enter the changing room with a bad mood, you cannot be successful when shopping for jeans.

2. Search only for trend models

Francesca Toninato, CEO of the jeans brand “7 for All Mankind” explains on WhoWhatWear: “Our golden rule when looking for the perfect jeans is to ignore seasonal trends.” It makes perfect sense. Because as much as we love fashion trends and as much as we like to be inspired by the denim experiments of influencers or our colleagues – in the end, the cut and fit of jeans counts. And if a current jeans trend absolutely does not fit your body shape, then you should accept that and quickly forget the trend. Because in the end you will just feel uncomfortable despite the style factor.

3. Always buy the same jeans cut

If you shop one skinny jeans after another because you simply feel at home in them, you are basically not doing anything wrong. Only: Who knows whether a different cut would not suit you just as well. Paige Adams-Geller of the jeans label “Paige” of the same name says this to our colleagues from WhoWhatWear: “It can be pleasantly surprising to try something new and unexpected.”

Instead of skinny jeans, small fashion girls could test boyfriend cuts for a change , and large fashionistas could try out wearing wide Marlene trousers . You can’t do more than put your skinny jeans back on afterwards!

4. Don’t move in your jeans

One should by no means buy jeans that fit well while standing. It only passes the endurance test when it sits comfortably while sitting and running. So don’t be ashamed to make small contortions in the locker room.

An extra tip from the InStyle editorial team: Especially with ripped jeans ( which are celebrating their trend comeback in 2019 ), you should pay attention to whether the holes can pinch and pinch or even tear open when moving.

5. Forget the bags

Jeans without pockets is stupid – jeans with the wrong pockets are all the more stupid. Because they can quickly give the butt an unfavorable shape. So always check a pair of jeans from behind and test briefly beforehand whether the front trouser pockets are real or whether they are only sewn on.

6. Do not check the material sufficiently

An experience that our jeans fans have had many times in the editorial office: You stand with pants between two sizes and decide on the one that is a little bit looser. Just stupid that the jeans have a high proportion of stretch and are worn out after a few times and are much too big.

No panic! Under no circumstances should you start buying every pair of jeans too small. Just take a closer look at the material information and, if in doubt, get advice from the seller in the shop. From experience she knows whether the jeans are still giving way or not.


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