These 7 Tips You Will Find Your Own Fashion Style!

I regularly receive messages from you in which you say so kind words about my blog and me. That he inspires you, that I have helped you to get bolder when it comes to styling. Every now and then I also get messages asking for tips and tricks. After that, how I found my style, how I go about creating my outfits and what I can advise you about styling. That is why I would like to give you 7 tips and tricks that have helped me to find my own fashion style and to implement it every day.

Research and be inspired

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to research for styling ideas. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or magazines are just a few. Take different media at hand and look at stylings. If you like something, tear the page out, save the link or take a screenshot of the picture. Just start without any concept or goal. The first step is to open yourself up to fashion and its facets and to take advantage of the many opportunities it offers. No matter whether you later implement them in your looks. It’s about inspiration and slowly figuring out what you find beautiful and what appeals to you.

Think about what you like about other outfits and why

Have you found your first inspirations? Perfect. Then the next step is to find out why these looks inspire you and why you find them beautiful. For each individual look, ask yourself what exactly you like about it. Is it the accessories? The materials? The layering? The color or its composition? Certain parts such as the coat or the pants? Write down the things that appeal to you about the different looks, try to categorize them and make a list.

Create Pinterest mood boards

Once you’ve figured out what you like, the next step is to create mood boards. You can do that easily and quickly on Pinterest . A mood board is a kind of picture collage that helps you to capture ideas and get creative. Take your list from point 2 and create a separate mood board for each piece you like. Now it’s about filling these boards with suitable pictures. For this, you search for example on Pinterest for sneakers, lederhosen or bags with flowers and always put them in the appropriate folder. A little tip: The search for the word “street style” can also be very inspiring and maybe bring you new ideas and parts. Have a look at my Pinterest account (here)past. I also have some inspiration boards there

Take your closet under the magnifying glasses: sort and muck out

Step four is about you, your previous style and your current wardrobe. Get an overview of the things you already own. The best thing to do is to clear everything out, sort your clothes by category and form piles. Blouses, shirts, jeans, pants, tops, pullovers, etc. Ideally, you can already see the first clothing pattern here. Do you have a lot of striped shirts? Lots of light jeans and lots of pieces in a certain color? Okay, then you now know what you like very much and what you obviously like to buy over and over again.

Even more important are the parts that appear in your wardrobe. They are important to give your styling a new direction and to lure you a little out of your previous comfort zone. With these parts, you should be honest with yourself. Are they bad purchases? Do they no longer fit? Do they no longer meet your taste? Then get rid of it! On the other hand, are they parts that you actually like, but which you lack styling ideas? Then keep them and make them part of your mood boards.

Start small and increase step by step

Finding your own fashion style doesn’t happen overnight and definitely takes time and patience. Grope your way step by step and try something from time to time. Do you find pleated skirts totally beautiful with others? Then go on, test it out. Sometimes with a blouse, sometimes with a basic shirt or a rough knitted sweater. It often helps to start with a somewhat “harmless” variant of styling and to feel your way step by step. Basically first basic, then blouse and finally the oversize knit sweater.

I didn’t dare to do anything before and was super shy and insecure. I only found myself and my style when I was about 23 and had tried a lot until then. Of course, not everything was awesome, but that’s okay. You have to learn to stand over the sometimes strange looks of other people. Even today I still get strange looks when I walk through the city in my hometown with Gucci slippers and XXL pullovers. But do you know what? I don’t care because I wear what I like and find beautiful. Meanwhile, above the eyes and opinions of others. Fashion should be fun and underline you and your personality. Therefore, do not wear what others see you in, but what you see and feel good about.

Recognize the value of accessories and use them for you

Accessories are the best and easiest trick to make a look more interesting without much effort. I am an absolute shoe and bag fan and have many special items in my closet. Why? Because my wardrobe itself is 80% rather simple. That is why I attach great importance to the right accessories. These also make my looks more exciting and special in no time at all. So never underestimate the effect of handbags, shoes, scarves, hats, belts or jewelry. They are all the little but nice helpers who can make an outfit from “yes is really nice” to “wow, that’s mega cool”.


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