These Are The Biggest Shoe Trends

The most important shoe trends : “A woman in good shoes is never ugly.” I can only agree with Coco Chanel’s wise words. But good shoes don’t always have to be the same price. Just a little bit unusual. And the best way to do that is through trends. So you don’t necessarily need countless new shoe models. Some still accompany us from the old year, some maybe with a slightly different design, while others are completely new. I will tell you what these are in this blog post and I am curious which is your favorite shoe trend. Here are the most important shoe trends for 2018.

Trend: flat shoes

The higher the better. Flat shoes can also be extremely sexy. It all depends on the shoe. And we’ll all fall in love with three very specific models in 2018!

Statement shoes

At the moment, fashion is rather minimalistic, restrained in colors and fits, clear cuts and graphic elements dominate the streets. Therefore it is all the more important to create a highlight in the look. In 2018, we’re going for it. He may like to stand out with pearls, embroidery, velvet, striking bow details or fake fur and give the look something color and extravagance.

Flat slingbacks

The second flat shoe model that we will see frequently in 2018 is the flat slingback. We actually know this model with a little kitten heel. But even with a flat sole, the look looks great. And the best? Due to the nature of the design, this shoe is super comfortable and chic at the same time. So it’s perfect for carrying him to work in the morning, at lunchtime for lunch or in the evening with a cocktail with friends.


Oh no, in 2018 nothing will work without the extremely cool, super comfortable loafers in Gucci style . What changes in 2018, however, are the color variants. In addition to neon colors such as pink or yellow, it can now also shine in signal red with black embroidery. In addition, our feet look forward to unusual patterns such as zebra, Milles Fleurs embroidery, cool fringe details and pompoms as an upgrade for the classic mules.

Trend: high shoes

We come to the trend shoes category: high shoes. A lot is happening here in 2018. While we already know one of the models in a slightly modified form from winter, two other, long forgotten shoe trends are returning. Ring up for:

White midi heels

What has become an absolutely unexpected shoe trend this winter are white boots. And the color white will remain in 2018. Now more in the midi heel version and a little more open. Because half-high V-neck pumps with kitten heel heels are just as cool as classic closed pumps with a rounded toe cap and block heel. Small details such as metal rings, horsebit or satin ribbons for the ankle give the white trend shoe that certain personal touch.

Wedge sandals

Incredible but true: Wedge sandals, also known as wedges, are actually coming back. We actually wrote them off long ago. This spring / summer we can confidently wear them again in the well-known bast look with beige, brown and black leather designs. Who is there? Personally, I’m still a bit skeptical

Strappy sandals

My personal favorite is the delicate strappy sandal with a 90s look. All supermodels from the 90s wore them. But when the whole world had to watch It-Girls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie trade their stilettos for UGG boots in Simple Life , the trend was over. So I’m all the happier that he’s finally coming back in 2018. Because the strappy sandal fits the pencil skirt at least as well as the dungarees. An all-rounder that every woman should have in her shoe cabinet.


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