These Are The Biggest Sneaker Trends In Winter

Sneaker? In the winter? That works, because this year we can expect not only exciting, but also warm styles. We’ll now reveal which models will be on display during the cold season. Phew – outside it is getting grayer and gray, the temperatures are lower and for this reason the streets are getting wetter and frostier every day. Although we love our boots , of course, and have already done them diligently in autumn and also fell in love with rubber boots and Co., we have to admit that we miss the sun a bit and now and then throw a wailing look at our beloved sneakers .

They carried us so faithfully through the warmer seasons and just always convey the feeling of good humor. It is therefore more difficult for us to do without it than we thought. Well, we don’t have to anymore! Because we have found cool and warm kicks that are in no way inferior to our favorites in terms of style and chic and can easily compete with the icy temperatures.

Trekking sneakers

The fashion world really surprised us. The trekking sneakers that were originally used exclusively for sports are back! The former jogging or soft hiking shoe is conquering not only the catwalks of all high fashion shows, but also the street style of our favorite bloggers . They are based on the hype about the slightly rough dad sneakers, but give us a slightly more delicate look this winter. Means: While functional materials such as mesh and sporty decorations in neon colors are retained, their new interpretation, such as the Reebox DMX (Amazon, approx. 39 euros) , is much more delicate and fits closer to the foot.

Lined sneakers

Your first thought was: “Sneaker and winter, they don’t go together”? Ours too, but watch out ladies that was once upon a time. This winter, models with cuddly lining are finally making it into the online shops and are overtaking thick boots like Uggs or Moon Boots . The new fur models from Converse and Co. for the winter, which you can buy for around 100 euros on Amazon , really do everything to keep our feet warm. High shaft, (synthetic) leather materials and lining made of wool – the hottest shoes of the season offer a cozy contrast to their airy cousins ​​from summer and allow us to easily survive the first frost and run cool on the icy cobblestone parquet.

Platform sneakers

In addition to the slightly heightened trekking sneakers, classic platform soles are also celebrating a comeback. The shoe motto here is the thicker the better! Because, especially the high soles in winter ensure that we stand far away from the cool asphalt and do not get icy feet. This turns it into a meaningful statement in the cold season. The best: If the platform alone is not enough, you can currently even use models such as the VANS All Weather MTE (Amazon, approx. 45 euros ), which thanks to robust and weatherproof materials also protect them from rain, wind and even snow.


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