These Are The Boot Trends And Most Beautiful Boots

These are the boot trends in 2020  : When it comes to autumn shoes, the winner is definitely the boot for me! Ankle boots, cowboy boots, knee boots, lace-up boots, chelsea boots or classic ankle boots – boots belong to the autumn wardrobe like leaves on the floor. What do you think? Because autumn and winter 2019/20 is progressing slowly, I have prepared a guide for the most important boot trends. Which shoes will you wear in the new season and which colors and materials will be important? An overview.

Boot trends 2019/20: colors, materials & fits

Timeless autumn colors are one of my all-time favorites! These include khaki, brown, cognac, beige, cream, black and dark blue . The boot trends of the new season are precisely in the colors. Gaudy highlights are rare – instead the pattern trend Animal Print is also spreading on the shoes. So if you are looking for an extravagant couple for autumn, you will definitely find it here. Otherwise, white and cream-colored boots and boots are becoming increasingly important.

Most of the opinions are probably shared here. For me, monotonous looks in light tones are one of my favorite looks, because they look elegant and stylish, especially in dreary weather – from head to toe. As far as the material trends of the boots for autumn / winter 2019/20 are concerned, a classic also dominates here: leather is still a timeless option for high-quality shoes that can be worn for a long time. You can feel and see the quality. And leather keeps your feet warm 🙂 You can also see the use and details of fabric, for example in the form of sock boots in combination with leather . I have selected which boot trends there are this season and the most beautiful models for shopping here:

Chelsea boots

If there is one shoe that has been high on the boot trends list for years, it is the Chelsea Boot. The shoe is classic and elegant and shows new variations every year. With a small heel or as a flats, with a pointed cap or rounded … I especially like rough, chunky boots like this. On the other hand, narrow shapes look more elegant and great with dresses or skinny jeans. Since these models never go out of style, an investment is also worthwhile here.

Lace-up boots

The latest boot trend is definitely led by lace-up boots. They can be flat or heeled – what do they all have? You will be tied up. This is not only practical, but a desired detail in the case of the shoe trend. The high lace-up boots look especially great with 70s looks with a short jeans or leather skirt. The chunky flat boots go well with casual fall looks.

Boot trends: ankle boots

Another classic that definitely belongs to the autumn wardrobe is the ankle boot. It is characterized by a shaft over the ankle and a (higher) heel. Most ankle boots are very comfortable because the heel is usually thicker and ensures a good stand.

Knee boots

A must have in autumn and winter? Knee boots! The high-cut boots are currently making a comeback and are one of my favorite companions for midi autumn dresses. Slouchy boots are particularly popular because they are cut loose and can be slipped down. Here I like to rely on the color trend white / cream. A great shoe as an accent!

Boot trends: warm boots

With all the beautiful autumn shoes, one thing should not be forgotten: In autumn and winter the floor is freezing cold and this pulls up through the most beautiful shoes. And what’s the name of it? You are grown up when you no longer want to freeze because of fashion 🙂 All the better that warm boots no longer look bad, but can be shown! Chunky models, so-called Ugly Boots, which are trendy and warm, are particularly popular.


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