Ponchos: These Are The Most Beautiful Models For Transition

When it’s a little colder, we like to cuddle up in a cozy poncho. We have selected the most beautiful models for you and tell you how you can best combine the stylish pieces.¬†And as time flies by, we’re already back in the middle of autumn and slowly but surely getting into the mood for colder days . Of course, our wardrobe has to be updated too, and jackets, coats and the like that keep us warm are brought out again or re-shopped. But before the harsh winter catches up with us and we have to wrap ourselves up, we prefer to fall back on lighter, stylish fashion items , which are our perfect companions for all temperature fluctuations during the transition.

The talk is of ponchos. Because not only we, but also our style icons and influencers are completely in love with themVariant without sleeves . In what shapes and forms her the it-piece should wear now and skillfully put center stage can we tell you now.

We need these stylish ponchos for the colder days

While researching the latest trends, we discovered the coolest poncho looks among our style icons. The models come in a wide variety of lengths and range from mini to maxi versions . Muted colors such as gray, cream and brown tones or black, which exude simple elegance, are particularly popular. If you want it more conspicuous, you can look forward to ethnic and wild animal prints or to the classic and absolutely trendy checked pattern. Another detail that should not be missing are the fringes at the hem end. These add a bit more and make your outfit look even more stylish. When it comes to material, however, two fabrics have prevailed, namely knit and wool , which keep you cozy and warm at lower temperatures. But also reinterpreted leather variants , such as those worn by influencer Xenia Adonts , make every look an eye-catcher and give it an elegant touch.

This is how we style the ponchos

Single-color models can be easily combined. Above all, the poncho benefits from the layering look , in which you put two or three different lengths on top of each other . For example, a pretty knitted dress is ideal for beginners . You can also wear tights and fashionable ankle boots, such as those with block heels or trendy combat boots . The outfit is just as stylish if you throw a cape over your sweater and combine it with skinny jeans , culottes or leather pants . In this way, the poncho becomes a replacement for a jacket .

The tone-on-tone look is particularly nice if you choose other shades from the color family to match the color. The style then becomes noble in light tones, such as different shades of white. You can also choose a narrow or wide belt to match . As you can see, there are no styling limits, so what are you waiting for, ladies? Add another cool piece to your wardrobe that you can wear with every transition.


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