These Are The Most Beautiful Glasses Trends

These are the eye wear trends : Today a reader request from you goes online again. After I gave you the best make-up tricks for women wearing glasses last week , I would like to add the most beautiful corrections today. Thankfully, the days when glasses were just an annoying frame on the nose are over. Meanwhile, glasses are a real accessory, which is often used as a statement, especially in the fashion sector. I have been wearing glasses for 15 years and had a wide variety of models on my nose. I am now in possession of three different models because I like to change and choose my glasses depending on the mood and look.But which eye wear trends are waiting for us in 2019? Here is an overview for you

Glasses trend: glasses with cut-outs

What we already know from the textile sector is on our nose this year: cut outs. So far, we have worn them on our bodies in the form of dresses or swimsuits. In the glasses area, so-called “cut-out frames” have special recesses aka holes in the frame or on the temples. These details make for exciting eye-catchers (on the face).

Who are glasses with cut outs for?

With glasses with cut outs you should know one thing: these glasses stand out and are definitely a statement. Here the visual aid is used as an independent accessory and not only complements the outfit, but also your own personality.

Glasses trend: two-tone glasses

Retro fans will get their money’s worth with the colored two-tone frames. Because the glasses with two-tone frames are strongly reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. The even color gradient is also characteristic of the two-tone glasses. So the upper frame is mostly kept in darker tones, while the lower one is designed much lighter. And what’s new in 2019? The horizontal gradient and that two strong contrast colors are combined.

Who is the trend?

Since this is primarily about the optical design and not directly about the shape of the glasses, this trend suits everyone who likes it a little more eye-catching and colorful. Similar to the glasses with cut outs, two-tone glasses are eye-catchers and become independent accessories.

Glasses trend: round glasses

A classic comeback among glasses celebrates frames with round glasses. I also got one last year (see above) and love the “Harry Potter” look. Round glasses always look a bit playful and make the wearer feel a few years younger. Why are round glasses so trendy? Because they are an ideal match for the 1970s, which are currently back in fashion both in the interior and in fashion. In 2019, round glasses with thin frames and special designs of the nose bridge are extremely popular.

Who do round glasses stand for?

Unfortunately not everyone! They actually look particularly good on rather angular faces, because the contrast of the silhouettes creates a balance between the different shapes and the face appears softer. Oval face shapes can also wear round glasses very well. And who should rather do without round glasses? People with a naturally rounded face. The face looks even rounder due to the round glasses and there are no contours. In this case, it is better to use square glasses.

Glasses trend: glasses with pattern / colored

Flowers. Abstract graphics. Points. Checks or oriental prints. The main thing is patterns and the best all over the place aka glasses. You can already tell that 2019 is the year of the statement glasses and the motto is “don’t mess, but pad”. Anyone who wears these glasses needs a good dose of self-confidence, a good sense of style and must be able to assess themselves and their effects very precisely.

Who is it?

Anyone who likes to stand out and from a fashion point of view also falls outside of the conservative framework (be careful word play;)). Or someone who knows how to use his glasses exactly, in which he is rather discreet in terms of clothing technology and with his patterned glasses may give every monochrome and simple look that certain something.

Glasses trend: frameless glasses

Yes, that’s right … In 2019, glasses without frames will be super popular again. But it comes as no surprise, after all, minimalist and monochrome fashion with clear lines and without a lot of ski is a current must. If the other glasses trends 2019 are perhaps a little too “daring”, you will get your money’s worth here. The frameless glasses are of course not totally boring. This is ensured, for example, by tinted glasses, special lens shapes or striking bridge and temple designs. Dare!

Who is it?

Those who like to wear eye-catching eye make-up are ideally equipped with frameless glasses. Nothing distracts here and the face can work 100% for itself. Frameless eyeglass frames for narrow face shapes and “difficult” eyebrows are also ideal. Because let’s be honest: it is not always easy to find glasses that harmonize with your own eyebrow shape.

Glasses trend: Cateye-Form / Pointed Cateye glasses

The next trend can also fit perfectly into the series of “retro styles”. Cat-eye glasses were already an issue in the 1950s. We have all known the shape of the glasses from the big sunglasses trends for a few years now. In 2019, she will now also be introduced to prescription glasses. Characteristic of the cat eye shape is the tapered shape, which is strongly reminiscent of cat eyes.

Who are Cateye glasses for?

Some face shapes, actually. The square glasses are extremely good on round faces, as are people with a very distinctive chin area. With them, the shape of the glasses visually balances the dominant lower jaw somewhat. And oval faces also look great on cat-eye glasses.

Glasses trend: double bridge glasses

This trend belongs to the category “We’ll be preserved”, because last year glasses with a double bridge were very popular and trendy. In 2019, the designers go one step further by giving the glasses eye-catching nose bridges, unusual materials and exciting color combinations. The selection is huge this year and ranges from models made of acetate to metal, matt or high-gloss from A to Z and offers something for every taste.

Who is it? Double bridge glasses are little cheaters because they ensure that noses look smaller or shorter. By the way, so-called keyhole bridges do exactly the opposite. With them, the nose is visually elongated, since the bridge is open and goes all the way up between the eyes.

Glasses trend: Matrix glasses

Just like the cat-eye glasses, these new trend correction glasses have been adapted from the sunglasses trends. The Kardashians did it in 2018: the micro glasses aka matrix glasses are more popular than ever. In 2019, the frames will no longer only come with tinted glasses, but also as a correction variant. Shy is definitely different!

For whom are Matrix glasses ideal?

Matrix glasses are inherently rather angular and have a futuristic design. Therefore they look particularly good to people with a round and rather delicate face. This is where the design comes into its own and can work perfectly as a contrasting shape on the face. If you have a rather angular face shape, you should choose matrix glasses with round, oval and slightly rounded shapes.


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