These Are The Most Beautiful Shorts Trends Of The Year

We’ll tell you which shorts styles will accompany us through the summer. So much can be revealed: Short and tight is out – 2020 can be a little further and longer! What shouldn’t be missing in summer? Yes, that’s right: shorts! They always go (regardless of whether they are chic or casual) and are so much more comfortable and uncomplicated than skirts and dresses. But which models are actually trendy this season? Everyone who now fears that we will have to squeeze into ultra-short hot pants can breathe a sigh of relief. Because the trend this year is again more in the direction of “casual and comfortable”. And we think that’s more than awesome. Shorts trends 2020: these models are all the rage now

Bermuda shorts: Bermuda shorts had disappeared from the scene for a long time and were considered plain and super boring. The looks of the street-style girls prove once again that they are absolutely not. Bermuda shorts look super cool this summer – if the shorts are also made of linen, all the better. The summer pieces are now best worn with matching blazers in oversize cuts and sneakers. Of course, pumps can also be used in the office. Bermuda shorts had disappeared from the scene for a long time and were considered plain and super boring. They prove once again that they are absolutely not Looks of the street style girls. worn in oversize cut and sneakers. In the office, it may of course also be pumps.

Utility shorts

Utility is THE keyword when it comes to current fashion trends. Whether utility jackets, cargo pants or skirts in workwear look – the utility trend is omnipresent in fashion at the moment. New for summer: utility shorts! in work wear look – the utility trend is in Fashionubiquitous at the moment. New for summer: utility shorts! Utility mode is a mode that is primarily one thing: useful. Then draw Shorts work wear look through solid materials, large bags and other functional details such as zippers or belt buckles.

So that the shorts don’t look too reminiscent of work clothes, it’s best to combine them with feminine pieces. We particularly like the look of utility shorts and a playful blouse with ruffles.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts have been stubbornly at the forefront of fashion trends for a long time. Even if we had to get used to the style, we can absolutely understand the hype. After all, the tight shorts are super comfortable thanks to the leggings material. And they also look really stylish with blazers and heels.

Important: Make sure that the cycling shorts are opaque and that your top always extends over your bottom.

Knee-length denim shorts

Denim shorts are one of the absolute classics in summer. However, they are no longer worn super short, but knee-length (and are therefore very similar to cycling shorts).
Since the new jeans models tend to be tight-fitting, like skinny jeans , you should rather combine loose, oversized tops with pants. Small women should also choose high shoes with heels or platform soles, as the knee-length shorts can compress the figure a bit.

Leather shorts

Leather is THE trend of the hour. Leather trousers, leather jackets or a brand new leather dress – in fashion everything is currently about the timeless material. For this reason, leather shorts should of course not be missing in summer. They look elegant and extravagant at the same time. Leather shorts in Bermuda length ( available here at About You *) or models with a paperbag waistband are currently particularly popular . In addition: If you don’t feel like wearing trousers in classic black, you will now find numerous leather shorts in brown, beige, pine green or other trendy colors.

Linen shorts

Linen shorts were already extremely popular last year and will remain so this season. After all, linen is the ultimate summer material. It is light and airy and cools particularly well on hot days. In addition, fashion made of linen, especially in the typical natural nuances such as beige or cream, looks extremely elegant.

How do we combine the linen shorts? It’s easy with a white blouse and braided mules . An elegant satin top with the trend pieces also looks beautiful.
We hope you enjoy shopping and styling your new favorite shorts!

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