These Are The Most Important Jewelry Trends & How We Wear The Iconic Looks

Jewelry trends 2020: an overview of the trends : Nothing works in the new season without jewelry! The motto: statement pieces. Everything that catches the eye embellishes our looks in spring and summer. Earrings, chains and rings also make a lot of a summer dress. What jewelry trends we are focusing on in 2020 – and where there are the most beautiful pieces, I will show you here

XXL hoops

Admittedly, creoles are not a new trend and have been back on the radar for several seasons. However, small and delicate. As a jewelry trend, the hoops are now becoming more extravagant and can also become the size of a fist. A great statement look that always fits. Proenza Schouler and Oscar de la Renta used XXL hoops on the catwalk.

Statement link chains

The days of delicate jewelry seem to be finally over – at least when you look at the runways of the Fashion Weeks. For the spring / summer season 2020, Zimmermann and Brandon Maxwell, among others, chose clunky link chains. They go well with the contrast to dresses and feminine blouses, but they also go well with denim looks in summer.

Jewelry trends 2020: sunglasses chains

One of the jewelry trends 2020 is now making its big comeback: sunglasses chains! Not only are they practical, they give the Sunnies a whole new look. The chains are often so extravagant and special that they almost stand on their own.

Colorful candy earrings

It gets colorful on the ears in spring! From green to blue are red and pink: earrings in graphic shapes shine in all sorts of rainbow colors. That just screams summer and good mood. Styling tip: Also dip the lips in a strong color. Seen with Brandon Maxwell and Ulla Johnson.

Animal jewelry

Snakes, Tigers & Co .: Cartier is world famous for its animal jewelry, but now the mystical forms are also conquering the catwalk. No matter whether rings or chains – animals are the most popular motif of jewelry trends 2020. A snake ring fits a subtle look, a chain with a pendant for more extravagance.

The coolest 90’s styles for 2020

We children of the 90s can be happy: Because the new fashion is full of nostalgia for this time. In terms of fashion, we remember crop tops, Doc Martens slip dresses, flared jeans and ultra-short mini skirts. Like right now? Are these 90s styles celebrating a revival? Yes and no. The new fashion trends are definitely inspired by this decade, only the iconic pieces have been adapted to our current zeitgeist. What does that mean exactly? Here are the coolest 90s looks and how to wear them now!

90s styles: spaghetti straps are back!The delicate and feminine tops naturally have the name spaghetti straps due to their almost invisible straps, which are just as thin as a noodle. In the 90s, bras were worn with transparent plastic straps – who still remembers? Even if the tops are back now, the bra straps are not. Luckily! There are now strapless lingerie that focus entirely on the delicate top. By the way, the updated name of this 90s style is now Slip Top. Wears great with rough jeans or skirts, which are also made of delicate materials.

90’s styles: cardigans

Matching the slip tops and dresses – and for German summer – it can get cool around the shoulders. Cardigans in summer were made for exactly these times, which we also wore hotly and intimately in the 90s. What is new is that the cardigans now come in oversize and with wide sleeves. And: in the trend colors yellow, pink and green.

90’s styles: leather!

While there are no longer any fashionable groups like they used to be (punks, yuppies, hippies, rockers, etc.), there is material back that was clearly assigned to the punk movement in the 90s. Think Vivienne Westwood, who linked punk and fashion in London. Instead of chunky leather jackets, the designers now combine the hard material with elegant silhouettes. Leather blazers and straight-cut leather trousers can now even be worn in the office!

90’s style: platform sandals

A 90s style without a plateau? Impossible! But even though Buffalo tried a revival of ultra-extreme boots some time ago, the attempt to establish the trend in everyday life in our time failed quickly. The softer variant for summer 2020 are: platform sandals! They do not have to be 10cm high, they remind you of the iconic 90s with 2-4 centimeters. With a summer dress, the shoes provide a cool look and break in style!


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