These Are The Trends For Next Year

These are the fashion trends : We have only reached the middle of the year, but that does not mean that we cannot take a fashionable look at the next year . In addition, the Berlin Fashion Week has just ended and the trends for 2019 are still very present. So what will we wear next year – and what maybe not anymore? Which designer relies on which colors and patterns and which cuts may return? That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you here on my blog in the Fashion Forecast . For this, I took a few snapshots with your cell phone for you during Fashion Week – so please excuse the lousy picture quality at this point;) Now buckle up, it gets wild!I am excited to see which trends you are most looking forward to ?!

Colors & patterns

Pastel shades

It will be pastel next spring, as was shown not only at the show by Isabel Vollrath. Riani and Lana Mueller will also be using lilac shades and subtle shades of yellow and blue next season. Rosé, on the other hand, is found primarily at Marina Hoermanseder. But no matter what pastel tone, powdery purple and turquoise tones are extremely important next.


One color that has accompanied us this year, but will be even more present next year, is yellow. Not only Lena Hoscheck, Marcel Ostertag also celebrated the sun color extensively on the catwalk. From small accessories to a complete look like at Sportalm, we will see everything in 2019.


Stripes are also one of the most important trends for 2019. On delicate fabrics and elegant dresses, in angled looks or in a straight line. whether subtle in restrained colors or brightly colored, for the coming summer designers like Lena Hoschek and Maison Common are betting on a wild mix of stripes.


Which trend pattern also took Berlin Fashion Week? The previous Glencheck pattern, which is so popular this year. Yes, you heard that right. We will still be wrapping ourselves in a checked pattern next summer. Then preferably to oversized cuts like the Dutch avant-garde label Botter (by the way one of my personal highlight shows) showed. At Dawid Tomaszewski there were plaid patterns in the “classic” version, but in cool bright colors like orange.

Dark Botanicals

Another print highlight for 2019 are dark botanicals. So tropical prints that don’t print on white, but bloom on dark basic colors. Whether Botter, Lena Hoschek or Riani, they all skillfully mix the look under graphic patterns and classic florals.

Cuts & shapes


The unexpected trend comeback of the year will celebrate a completely different pant shape in 2019. Namely the capri pants. In her new collection, Lena Hoschek in particular opted for the tight 7/8 length with colorful tropical patterns and summery fabrics. The pants are really cool in combination with crop tops and blazers or white blouses and chic mules.

Business touch

When it comes to cuts and shapes, one thing emerged at Berlin Fashion Week: it will be classy. We’ll be wearing elegant shorts again next summer, from the blouse to pleated trousers like Isabel Vollrath’s. These are the ones that look like cropped trousers that match the blazer, so to speak. Danny Reinke and Riani did it and we are guaranteed to do it next summer. Then best with light blouses and loafers.

Details & materials


Glitter is also a must and MCM promptly chooses it for the 2019 trend. Starting with the classic sequin dress to shorts and mini skirts, it will sparkle next summer.


Michael Michalsy, on the other hand, relies on metallic effects and conjures up glamor in his collection. It remains noble. Not just with metallic pieces. Fringes, feathers, pompoms and lots of tulle will also provide the opulent Hollywood factor next summer.


As a playful contrast program, ruffles and ruffles are also trendy in 2019. The sweet details put you in a good mood and pimp every look. Pay attention to the correct dosage when styling, as the remaining layers of fabric can be applied quickly. You could see the trend at Lena Hoschek, among others, who used it both opulently and as an all-over dress look and in sleeve details on blouses.


And as if it weren’t hot enough in the summer, we will wear transparent materials next year. Mesh fabrics such as those from Guido Maria Kretschmer, plastics and vinyl processing such as those from Rebekka Ruétz, or embroidered naked tops and dresses such as those from Sportalm. Transparent elements are a must next summer. and if not as a piece of clothing then at least as an accessory.

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