These Clothes Make You Older

Every fashionista knows that with the right styling, clothes can cheat us younger. But there are also pieces that have exactly the opposite effect. We’ll tell you which ones they are. Color, cut and fit are the three elements that give a garment its individual touch. However, these characteristics also determine how we look – that is, more stylish, stuffy or slimmer. And these are just some of the adjectives that we can list for you here. In the best case scenario, one part is cheating us younger at the same time.

But there are also pieces that Guido Maria Kretschmer would now say: ” Do nothing for us “. Which in most cases means that a design makes us look unfavorable or appear older than we actually are. And because we only want the best for you, we will tell you which fashionable pieces you should banish directly from your wardrobe or at least combine them differently to avoid this effect.

Short cardigans

We are of course aware that this trend piece was the absolute hit during the transition period. Even so, women aged 40 and 50 should be careful. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter is the best proof that short jackets can make you older – especially in pastel colors. Of course, you shouldn’t do without a stylish cardigan now . While you should deal with short models with buttons, slightly longer items with an open design look directly fresher.

Animal print

Animal patterns like leopard, zebra or tiger add a good number of years to our actual age. If you are a fan of the all-over look because you thought it had a rejuvenating effect, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you. However, if you don’t want to forego a bit of animal vibes, you can incorporate your favorite animal print in the form of accessories in the look. It becomes elegant with a completely black or cream-colored outfit with a leopard belt or cool shoes with the iconic pattern. This gives your styling a youthful touch.

Mom jeansThose who love cozy jeans are sure to have a denim in this casual cut at home. But be careful: the name says a lot about the piece, after all, it’s not called mom jeans for nothing. The biggest mistake you can make when wearing these pants is to let your top fall loosely over the waistband. This not only makes you look older, but also makes your curves disappear. We recommend: Put your shirt, sweater or blouse in the lower part and give the garment a helping of freshness with sneakers.

Tie blouses

This trend is due in no Gucci – designer thanks to Alessandro Michele, the philistine in recent seasons parts such as the tank top with a cheeky design as timeless as never conjured. However, the collar of the bow tie blouse simply remains old-fashioned. However, since none of us (unfortunately) fell into a fountain of youth, you should keep your hands off this part, a youthful appearance is important to you. Adult ladies appear stricter on others in their buttoned tops and therefore also directly older than they actually are. We recommend: Instead of wearing such a model under a blazer, you should rather put on a shirt that has a small neckline.

Tweed parts

The best comes last. Or in this case the part that makes you look the oldest. Sure, we also want to look like a French woman and the easiest way to do that is of course with a fabric that is associated with the fashion label Chanel : tweed. Coco was already using the material in abundance in the 1960s and it has been used accordingly for that time. Older women in particular like the Queen love the fabric and are associated with it. And that’s why it makes us look older than we are, especially in combination with a matching skirt. Well, how do we style the piece cooler then? Quite simply, because here, too, less is more. One item of clothing per look and you will look your age again.


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