These Clothes Make You Older Than You Are

A healthy diet, good care, suitable make-up and enough sleep make rejuvenation treatments à la Botox completely unnecessary. But the handle in the closet sometimes makes us look very old. Most clothing and accessories are not limited to a certain age, but some should be followed by tips on how to style them younger – without looking ridiculous. Fresh through fashion: How to style “problem pieces” better. And then you should rather leave some looks hanging in the closet.


Even if there are so many variations and patterns of the fabric: Tweed was perhaps in times of our grandmothers for women, today it makes you years older. The material was eventually developed in the UK due to the harsh climate and mainly used for clothing for riding, shooting, fishing and hunting. So if you are not invited to hunt by the Queen in her country estate, you should avoid this stale look.

Twin sets

Twinsets made of tweed look even more old-fashioned. But twinsets made of lighter fabrics and in fresher colors rarely rejuvenate the wearer. The combination of sweater and cardigan can also be made a little more trendy: wear casual jeans and prefer a casual oversized cardigan instead of a cardigan.

Short cardigans

Speaking of cardigans: you can make the look more trendy, but you don’t have to. Short cardigans in particular do not suit every woman and are rarely flattering for the figure. Add to that boring colors and it’s over with the trendy fashion from 40 years. Again, prefer the longer version and combine it with timeless, young materials such as denim.

Style black better

Many women use black outfits because they cheat the silhouette a bit slimmer and can be worn on a variety of occasions. But especially in old age, the dark color makes us appear paler, wrinkles and shadows are emphasized. So if you like to wear black, you should always loosen up the look with a colored eye-catcher – such as a scarf or a statement chain – that rejuvenates.

Skin-colored nylon stockings

They don’t really suit anyone: nylon stockings and tights in skin color. Even worse are the variants that shimmer – a trend from the 80s that fortunately has not seen a revival. If it should be a pair of tights, it is better to use other colors or trendy over-the-knee socks with a knitted look. For a natural look, just do without it.

Granny shoes and clumsy pumps

You think skin-colored, shimmering nylon stockings are one of the biggest fashion faux pas? Yes, but in combination with Granny Shoes everything is too late. The low-heeled shoes and angular toes do not contribute to a rejuvenating look. Even if the treads are back in trend in 2017, as with clumsy pumps with a coarse heel, attention should be paid to the combination: boyfriend jeans yes, little costume no.

Mom jeans

There is a reason why the jeans with the high waist and loose fit are called mom jeans: They are comfortable, but are reminiscent of the carrot pants from the 80s and 90s. And they were anything but fashionable. Brands like Zara and Topshop are reviving the mom jeans trend, but many don’t know how best to style it. Rule number one: The top belongs IN the pants and should not easily fall over it. If the blouse or shirt is not in the waistband, the wearer not only looks bulky, but also older. If you are not a fan of the tailored look, it is better to stay away from the trendy trousers.

Neon colors and graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts are not necessarily a fashionable trend for women over 40, although there are some exceptions. Often you want to dress younger than you are – but you don’t have to fall back on the contents of the wardrobe of a 15-year-old teenager. Too young, too sexy, too trendy? D rather not. And what about retro parts that you simply don’t want to do without? Neon colors for tops are allowed, but leave leggings and sneakers in the closet. Instead, you’d better combine the 80s fashion phenomenon with skinny jeans, a casual skirt and ankle boots.

Animal print

Yes, they do exist: The fans of the animal print. The pattern, whether giraffe, zebra, leopard or snake, can look casual. But only if it is used very, very, very sparingly. Otherwise you quickly look like a sales lady from special TV channels. If it gets animal, the outfit should not be too pompous and the animal part should be combined with neutral accessories and shoes. Not only for women over 40: All-over animal print is an absolute no-go.

Wildly patterned tunics

This also applies to tunics: not only variants with animal print, but also the wildest color and pattern combinations often add up to a few years of age. Not just in trend since summer 2017: covered tunics in folklore style with refined embroidery, lace or flowing fabrics, preferably in white or cream. In combination with a flared skirt or tight jeans, the look can provide a romantic hippie style, but also a classy evening look.

Don’t oversize!

Oversized tops and casual-wide trousers are not only trendy for celebrities like singer Rihanna – but the oversize look is not for everyone. In older women in particular, it looks as if they have something to hide. Oversize cardigans without buttons can rejuvenate in the right combination, but sloppy sweaters and blazers cannot. And ultra-long skirts also make many women over 40 feel that they feel too old to show their legs. It doesn’t have to be the tightest mini skirt, but slightly below or above the knee is always possible. Hot pants, combined with a tunic in a romantic look, for example, also ensure a fresh, young look. So: not too loose, not too tight – always pay attention to the right fit for your clothes.

The wrong bra

If the bra does not fit properly, even the best outfit cannot do anything. Especially in women over 40, the connective tissue wears off, for a beautiful cleavage and a perfect fit, so the right bra is essential without any swelling of the body. Because one thing is clear: if it doesn’t fit underneath, you can quickly appear heavier, smaller – and often older.

Accessories and jewelry

Not only clothes and shoes, but also accessories and jewelry can literally make us look old. Here are a few examples:

  • Brooches used to be the be-all and end-all of blouses and vests, today they often look stale. If you don’t want to do without your favorite piece, use it to lock up oversize cardigans or pimp your fabric bag with it.
  • Silk scarves in bright colors set the tone, especially for single-color looks. But be careful: it quickly looks like a stewardess from the 1960s. The accessory also draws attention to the neck. If you don’t want to put unwanted wrinkles and hanging parts in the spotlight so much, you’d better not.
  • Pearl earrings and necklaces are of course often suitable for a noble and festive occasion – but they hardly make us appear younger. In combination with costumes and knitted jackets, they often look stuffy. If pearls, then wear as a statement and more casual outfits. A grunge or leather look paired with T-shirts creates a trendy break in style.
  • Glasses have long been not only necessary visual aids, but also trendy fashion accessories. But some glasses make us suddenly look ten years older. Dark and thick frames in particular emphasize unwanted wrinkles or bags under the eyes. It’s better to take something lighter, also in color or with small gemstones – this ensures a fresh eye area!

With little tips and tricks, many items of clothing can be styled younger. Classics and retro pieces are also part of trendy fashion from the age of 40 and are allowed out of the closet again. But some clothing and accessories just make us older than we are. Then just keep your hands off

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