These Color Combinations Make Every Outfit Look Classy

Do you have a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories, but still nothing to wear? It is often because you do not know which colors can best be combined with each other. There are a few color combinations that just always work and look high-quality regardless of how much the clothes cost. Which color combinations bring momentum to your wardrobe and make your look look stylish and classy at the same time.

Classic: black + white

There is probably no other color combination that is as popular and timeless as the mix of the two non-colors black and white. Whether as a casual jeans-to-blouse look, cool as a suit, elegant as a dress or summery with a t-shirt and skirt: the styling options are endless. If the look with monochrome clothing is too monochrome, you can try patterned parts. Whether stripes, dots or checks, black and white prints give every outfit a sophisticated look without appearing overloaded.

Stylish: red + pink

The color combination of red and pink has long been a fashionable no-go. But sometimes there are rules to be broken: If you like to show a little fashion courage, you can go into the bold with bright red tones to strong pink. So that the look does not look too lovely, you should use straightforward, minimalist cuts. If you like it more subtle, combine strong Bordaux or Masala red to a delicate pink – this color mix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso ideal for elegant occasions when it can be a bit more colorful than black and white.

subtle: gray + blue

Muted colors always look better than bang tones. The classic colors navy and gray prove that you don’t always have to wear black clothes for a classy look. You can’t go wrong with the combination of the two restrained tones: a smokers pants suit with a blouse in dark blue or dark denim jeans with a light gray cashmere sweater always look elegant. The timeless color combination also works in the colorful version: gray goes well with strong royal blue or turquoise.

Clean: white + beige

Light beige, cream or white is traditionally worn in summer or in warm regions. Outfits with the clean shades can also look great on colder days – especially if the garments are made of soft, fluffy materials. Beige as an all-over look looks super stylish, but also works in combination with white. While a head-to-toe outfit in snow-white quickly looks clinical, the non-color together with warm cream tones ensures a fresh complexion and suits every skin type depending on the shade.

Natural: green + cognac

The mix of brown and green reminds you of military fashion? Give the color combination another chance: it depends on the right color nuances. With khaki or forest green, cognac and camel don’t look like masculine outdoor fashion, they look very classy. The combination looks particularly valuable when the cognac-colored garment is made of (artificial) leather – for example a handbag or chic boots with a dress or coat in dark green. Use figure-hugging cuts to make the look more feminine.

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