These Colors Will Make Your Look Perfect!

Typical for the autumn type is its warm complexion with a golden or yellowish undertone, which does not necessarily have to be tanned. The eye colors for the autumn type range from bright amber to brown green to deep dark brown. In contrast to the spring type , which also belongs to the warm color types and for which light eye and hair colors are typical, autumn types usually have darker hair colors with a golden or reddish shimmer such as chocolate brown, chestnut or dark brown. But even if you have light brown or honey blonde hair, you can belong to the autumn types. You think about coloring your hair? Then try the trend color Bronde. This warm color, reminiscent of a mixture of milk chocolate and caramel, is just perfect for autumn types!

Test: Am I an autumn type?

You are still not sure whether you are really an autumn type and which colors suit you? Then do a simple test: Hold gold and silver jewelry one after the other very close to your face. Statement chains with large surfaces are best suited for this. Look closely at your face in the mirror. With which jewelry does your complexion look fresher and your eyes shine? If gold makes your face shine, then you belong to the warm color types, which include the autumn and spring types . Is silver your favorite? Then you are a cold color type, i.e. a summer type or a winter type.

The fall-type colors: This color palette lets you shine!

The autumn type only has to look around outside, he already encounters the colors that make the complexion glow. Because the perfect fall-type colors are warm earth tones that are intense but not gaudy. The fall-type colors look like you have mixed bright colors with a warm brown. As an example: Instead of a pure white that suits the summer type, an off-white or a light beige is ideal for the autumn type.

The fall-type colors such as rust red, Marsala and terracotta are wonderful. The deep red tones refresh the face and can be wonderfully combined with soft sand tones. Orange in different shades is also a great autumn color.

Brown in all shades is always a good and safe choice: from light amber to reddish brown to dark chocolate brown. But green tones are also good for the autumn type – provided they have a warm undertone and are not too bright. Olive green and persimmon are perfect. The popular tones black and white are less flattering because they make the complexion look pale.

We have created a color palette for you with the autumn type colors. If you use these shades when shopping, you will look radiantly beautiful!

Autumn type: styling ideas for a stunning look

Autumn types are made for the super trendy boho look , because warm colors and natural patterns are typical for this trend. Your type will be particularly well supported if you pick up different shades of one color when styling.

Do you want to wear colors in your outfit, such as black or white, which actually do not match your color type? Then these tones are used only sparingly and combined with them colors from the autumn type color palette. For example, the combination of a white shirt and a light brown cardigan is harmonious. We looked around the shops and found the most beautiful clothes for autumn types.

Herbsttyp Stars: These celebrity women are real beauties

Jessica Alba is one of the most famous autumn type stars. Her chocolate brown eyes, her golden shimmering complexion and her warm hair color make her a prime example of this color type. You can find out which stars still belong to the autumn types in this gallery!


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