These Fashion Mistakes Happen Even To Stylish Women

Women who have a good style of dress seem inviolable. After all, they are mostly confident, sexy, and beautiful. But nobody is perfect and that’s why we’re now dissolving this myth into thin air and revealing which five fashion mistakes even fashionistas make. One of the big myths we’ve all fallen for is that there are people who are perfect. Each of us has his strengths and weaknesses – even women who dress super stylish. Some people are better at hiding their flaws or are simply open to them. Especially ladies who always wear the ideal outfit have a great charisma, because they immediately appear much more self-confident.

It’s not for nothing that we feel good in a fashion piece that we find particularly beautiful. Are you also absolute experts in the field of fashion and are seen by others as well-dressed? Then you probably think you don’t have any Fashion mistakes can happen more. Thought wrong! Because we’ve found out which faux pas happen to even the most fashionable of all ladies . But after all, one learns best from missteps. If you avoid these things when getting dressed from now on, you will make your look look even better than before.

Tuck wide tops into pants

This typical mistake happens to us especially in winter. When we wear our coziest and thickest sweater, we usually still want to accentuate our hips. That’s why we put the wide top in our pants. And that’s exactly what you should avoid, because this trick makes your figure look unfavorable and your curves less slim. Instead, try a nice belt of your choice. It has the same effect and makes your look even more fashionable.

Follow trends that don’t suit you

We all love to ride the trend wave from time to time . But not every it-piece is made for us. Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean you have to buy it or even wear it. You should keep your hands off some parts, as they can also look disadvantageous . Instead, ask yourself beforehand whether you would wear this particular piece of clothing if it wasn’t trendy. If the answer is “no”, they are not worth moving into your cloakroom. By the way: This way you also escape a fashion sin that you will later regret.

Wear only wide or narrow parts

In the last few seasons in particular, loose garments in the form of oversize shirts, casual trousers or maxi skirts have become particularly fashionable. And because they like to get together right away, some fashionistas see this as an opportunity to combine pieces with a similar cut. But this is where the mistake lies. Because with loose fitting pieces your beautiful silhouette goesand lost your curves completely. Tight parts are known to flatter the body, but again, too much of a good thing is rather unfavorable. After all, narrow cuts can accentuate areas that you didn’t want to focus on. It is better if you combine styles that result in a good mixture – in other words: wide at the bottom and figure-hugging at the top.

Wrong bra

As difficult as it is to find a well-fitting bra , we are not surprised that even fashion-conscious women make this mistake. After all, we’ve often asked ourselves whether the perfect brassiere even exists. Ideally, your chest support should be almost invisible. For example, you should wear a so-called T-shirt bra under jersey tops . A model from Triumph, which you can have home delivered from around 17 euros, is an absolute bestseller. Carmen cutouts are best shown to their advantage without lingerie straps, so it’s best to use models without a bracket. We promise that there is also the right lingerie for every blouse, even if the search for it will probably be long.
Badly fitting clothes

Even stylish women are not safe from this mistake . Sometimes we put pieces in our closet that don’t really fit. Because we all ca n’t resist the sale and buy trousers that we can make even tighter with a belt. At home we notice that the piece is really much too big. A little tip: a tailor can save this faux pas and conjure up a favorite piece of our bad buy.


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