These Garments Are Making A Big Comeback

Whether shine length boots, belly free or track pants. The year 2020 already started with a series of fashionable comebacks. All long forgotten pieces from the 90s. But somehow they were suddenly cool again. Somehow it was to be expected that things would continue in the same way in the summer. But which pieces actually celebrate their big fashion comeback in 2020 – and how do you style the pieces really cool again? That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you now. I am curious which is your very personal favorite fashion comeback?


At clogs you immediately think of cute blonde girls with long dresses and braids from the country. This look proves that the parts can also look really cool. The secret? Combine the playful shoes with straight silhouettes in a minimalist style like the two-piece and then let it crack with the accessories.


No, don’t put your hands over your head right now as you read this. Because there is a styling solution that also makes Bermuda look cool! First rule: do not rely on the classic safari colors and then combine them with a white or black top. Because then the look really looks like straight from the 90s. Instead, go for the jeans variant and style them just like classic shorts to match your look. This way you don’t look disguised and you can integrate the trend into your everyday life. If you are brave, go for the little sister of Bermuda – the cycling shorts. Because yes, it’s back too …

Matrix glasses

Matrix glasses are called matrix glasses because the template for them comes from the film of the same name. Nevertheless, you do not have to combine a black leather costume à la Trinity. It looks much cooler if you break up the hard look of the angular matrix glasses with soft silhouettes and flowing fabrics. Valances, fine jewelry and high heel shoes are therefore just right.


Dungarees immediately awaken childhood memories. With this look, I would like to show you that there is another way and you can still wear it in your mid-twenties. The important thing is that you combine the casual denim dress with more elegant fabrics and silhouettes such as a white blouse and a high-quality leather bag. The accessories can also bring some color into play, but should not necessarily be kept in candy colors. Because then the look can drift back towards children’s clothing very quickly. If you prefer something a little more sturdy, you should combine black sunglasses and black mules.

Lace-up sandals

Lace-up sandals are also making their fashion comeback. In the past few years we have used Roman sandals in leather or leather look. But now the laces can again be made of satin or crepe fabrics and become an absolute eye-catcher with wild patterns. And that is why this it-piece applies, less is more. A cozy, simple dress, a couple of beautiful earrings ( Psst: you will find my favorite accessories here ) and a summer bag are enough to make the look look complete.

Polo shirts

It’s hard to believe, but one of the most stuffy items of clothing – because it’s a typical yuppie piece – has actually made it back onto the fashion radar in 2020: the polo shirt. But instead of the waisted, light pink version with polo player embroidery, we now use polo shirts that are extra relaxed and maybe even cropped. Must: Be sure to open the first button and let a fine chain flash out. This breaks up the good look just as well as the combination with a casual cargo skirt and feminine strappy sandals.


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