These Jewelry Trends For Brides Are Just Magical!

Accessories are part of perfect styling – this also applies to the wedding day. But finding the right jewelry for the wedding dress is not so easy. The problem: If you combine the wrong chain or unsuitable earrings to your wedding dress, all styling effort is free and your bridal look looks inconsistent. Gold, white gold or silver, pearls, rhinestones or crystal,… Choosing the right bridal jewelry is at least as complicated as choosing the bridal hairstyle and wedding dress. Because the wedding jewelry must match the bride – and her remaining bride look.

Of course, every bride wants to shine and go all out on her wedding day. And there begins a balancing act between elegance and excess: too much rhinestone kills the glamor effect, diadem and hair accessories, earrings, necklace and bracelet combine quickly to overload. But with the right tips, that’s no problem: From discreetly elegant to playful and imaginative: We’ll tell you the most important styling rules and show you which wedding jewelry fits which wedding dress.

Gold or silver? How to find the right bridal jewelry for the dress

Which jewelry looks best with your wedding dress depends first of all on the color of your dress. Budding brides know: white is not white. There are countless nuances from cold pure white to yellowish champagne to white with a slight pink touch. Is your wedding dress bright white? Then combine jewelry in silver. On the other hand, gold jewelry looks better with off-white, cream, champagne, or eggshell wedding dresses. If your dress has a light pink touch, you can wear wonderful jewelry in rose gold.

Which jewelry style matches my wedding dress?

In the second step, pay attention to the style of your wedding dress: is it simple and rather modern or romantically playful with a lot of lace? Jewelry in silver with transparent rhinestones goes very well with a modern wedding dress in pure white. You can also combine modern pearl jewelry with a simple satin dress in cream or champagne. Is your wedding dress romantic? Playful jewelry in vintage design with rhinestones and cream-colored pearls looks great with a lace dress. Decorated necklaces or elaborately crafted earrings, for example, are very beautiful.

What jewelry to wear with a strapless wedding dress?

Option 1: Do without a necklace entirely

If you have tanned, smooth skin and a slim neck, it is a good idea to do without the necklace entirely. Because your décolleté comes into its own perfectly. If you don’t wear a necklace, you can wear eye-catching earrings with sparkling rhinestones or earrings in vintage style instead. By the way: You should also avoid a necklace if your dress is pompously decorated with rhinestones, lace or ruffles at the neckline or is cut close to your neck. Necklace would look simply too cluttered.

Possibility 2: Wear a simple chain

with your wedding dress A discreet chain like a filigree neckline with a pendant or a pearl necklace is suitable as jewelry for a strapless wedding dress if your dress is a bit more simple. Your look will be particularly harmonious if you choose the rest of the jewelry such as earrings or bracelet in the same style as your chain. Often there are whole jewelry sets in the same design.

Be careful with pearls: they look noble, but can quickly give your look a somewhat old-fashioned touch. Especially if you wear a very strict updo.

Option 3: Choose a statement chain for a simple dress

Super trendy and perfect for a very simple strapless wedding dress are eye-catching necklaces that sparkle with your eyes. With such a statement chain, you also demonstrate your sense of style on your wedding day. Tip: If you want to wear a colored chain, you should match it to the color of your bridal bouquet. If you also wear matching bridal shoes, your look will be PERFECT!

What are the bridal jewelry trends?

This season, playful vintage-style jewelry is very popular. These include, for example, long, rhinestone and pearl stud earrings and filigree bracelets that are tied with a bow. In addition, this year, ivory hair accessories are must-haves for the bride. The delicate hair bands, hoops and clasps are wonderfully romantic and are happy to replace the chain this season. For particularly romantic brides also the traditional is diadem the opportunity to be like celebrating a princess on your wedding day.

Tip: The flower tendrils in gold or silver come into their own when the hair is put into a soft and airy bridal hairstyle or falls open in gentle waves.


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