Maxi Dresses, These Models Best Suit Your Figure

The best maxi dresses for every figure type : Maxi dresses are the ultimate garment for a beautiful spring day. And also in summer they are the ideal companions for evening or the beach. But maxi dress is not just maxi dress. What is important for the different figure types and what you should perhaps consider when buying, that is exactly what it should be about today. Because in the end it is not a matter of hiding your own figure , but rather of emphasizing your advantages and your very own chocolate side. So let’s get started, here are the best maxi dresses for every figure type

Figure type: apple shape

You are considered an apple figure if your legs and arms are super slim, but your chest is somewhat larger and your shoulders and back are relatively strong. The bottom is usually rather small in this figure type. The best? You have two major advantages: your beautiful legs and your sexy cleavage. And you should emphasize that too. It is also important to create more waistline through clothing.

And this is how the right styling works:

A lot of fabric can always be applied quickly. Therefore better: flowing, loosely falling fabrics that are not too heavy. This creates lightness and plays around at the same time. You should also focus on your beautiful waist. Because women with an apple-shaped figure usually have to cheat them optically;) This works best with wrap dresses, drapes or other details. Even dresses that narrow in the underbust area and are slightly flared at the bottom are great for you. By the way, colors and patterns are no problem for your figure. So be a little bolder 🙂 Also great: statement sleeves that give your slim arms more attention.

Figure type: hourglass figure

For many, the hourglass silhouette is considered the “perfect” figure. Curves on the chest and buttocks, a narrow waist and slim arms and legs . Sounds easy to style? Well, because here too, the wrong clothes can quickly make the figure look less beautiful than it actually is. My styling tips?

The best way to highlight the hourglass figure is to emphasize the beautiful curves. You can do this with wrap dresses as well as with case dresses or slip dresses. Peplum and smaller details at the waist also draw attention to the narrowest part of the body and emphasize the curves. When it comes to the neckline , you can wear everything. Cutouts that don’t end directly on the neck are particularly good for you. These are, for example, V-neck or Carmen cutouts .

Figure type: H shape

This type of figure is characterized by a rather straight body shape. Your body stands for rather little waist and great slim legs and arms. With the right outfits, optically beautiful curves can be created here. My styling tips for your figure are as follows:

And this is how the right styling works:

All maxi dresses that emphasize the waist are perfect for you. Gathers or drapes on the shoulder or waist area are also an advantage. Anything that somehow creates an X or A shape and makes you look more feminine. That’s why pleated pleats , flounces and flowing maxi dresses are great. Small pockets in the chest area can provide more curves on the upper body and make you look narrower. Mini sleeves are great too . Because they widen your shoulders and conjure up a narrow waist. Dresses with tulip skirts also conjure up curves and look perfect on you.

Figure type: pear shape

You are the typical Rihanna. Rather narrow at the top, less chest, but great curves on the rear and thigh area . That means that it can be a bit freaky upstairs, that is, play with materials and silhouettes. Or you go the other way and hide your curves a little – up to you. Both have the effect that your figure appears more balanced and harmonious. I would like to present the following styling tips ( here you find the way more tips all around the styling ) provide for your body:

And this is how the right styling works:

The perfect maxi dress emphasizes the neck and shoulders. It works best with bright colors, shiny fabrics, patterns, exciting cutouts, frills or even shoulder pads . It doesn’t matter at all if the sleeves are a little more voluminous . An A-line is also great because it conjures up a narrow upper body and waist. This means that the best cut for you is narrow at the top and falling a little further down. Also great: Carmen snippets and offshoulder . So the shoulder comes into its own and the curves on the rear are concealed.

Figure type: Y figure

Your shoulders are relatively succinct, your legs super slim. That’s exactly what many women envy you for. What you may sometimes find a disadvantage yourself are your narrow hips and your sporty look? Half as wild, because everything can be put in the right light with the right clothes.

And this is how the right styling works:

Y-figures are mainly about making them look more feminine . For you this means: dresses with ruffles, sequins, etc and heels. Everything that immediately looks feminine. Even floral design enhance this effect. Slits are also sexy , as are soft, flowing fabrics, transaprente details or cut outs at the waist . This makes the body look more delicate. Halter tops and raglan sleeves also draw attention away from your shoulders, just like deep necklines. On the other hand, you should bet on volume. Wide skirtsare ideal for you. The best fit: everything that somehow reminds of Roman garments, whether babydoll cut or caftan. It’s your choice


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