These Popular Jeans From Levi’s Conjure Up Slim Legs

When looking for a pair of jeans that conjure up slim legs, we came across some models from Levi’s . The best? It is absolutely trendy right now and simply flatters every figure. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be just as difficult as buying a well-fitting bra and robbing us of a nerve or two. After all, stylish denim trousers should not only be trendy and look cool, they should also put the figure in the limelight and conjure up both slim legs and a firm bottom . However, very few models have these properties and we are often satisfied with parts that do not fit as well as we actually would like.

This problem has finally come to an end, because we have found some jeans from the US American brand Levi’s, which not only impress with their classic design, but also score with a flattering seat. We’ll also tell you which detail your pants need to have in order to stretch your legs optically and to make you look simply stunning. The Levi’s brand has been known for making masterful jeans for several decades. So it’s no wonder that we came across a design by this brand while looking for the perfect cut . Because the brand’s range includes not only classics, but also current trend items that have a small detail with a big effect.

While we want to avoid them on our blouses , you should now pay attention to this feature when buying pants. We are talking about folds, more precisely a crease. And Levi’s sends us with the “Ribcage model in the bootcut” exactly what we need. As the crease in the fabric runs upwards, an effect is created that conjures up legs up to the sky . The actual cut also enhances the look of a stretched silhouette , because it is a bit wider and skilfully conceals slightly stronger thighs.

These jeans flatter every figure

It is no longer a secret for you that the models from Levi’s fit particularly well. But not all of us like loose pants and that’s why we come around the corner with a suitable alternative that has the same effect. We’re talking about the “724 High Rise Jeans” from Levi’s, which are currently available from Amazon for around 38 euros . Thanks to the high waistband and the straight cut, this piece cheats your legs a few centimeters longer. The elastic material, which has a small part of elastane, hugs the curves ideally and flatters the bottom . The small pockets on the back make the buttocks a little smaller and one or the other roll disappears like a miracle.

Thanks to their classic appearance, these models don’t just last for one season. Jeans have the potential to become an absolute favorite under pants and are also super easy to style. We can showcase the must-haves in a sporty way in combination with a simple basic top such as a cozy sweater and a pair of sneakers , as well as style them for more elegant occasions. In the office, we can wear the trousers with a playful blouse ( models with puff sleeves and items with statement collars are particularly popular) and laced ankle boots . For a look like this, you should pay particular attention to this Set the Ribcage model, which you can purchase from ASOS for 117 euros . If you want to increase the flattering effect of these pieces a little, you should make sure when choosing shoes that the kicks have either a platform sole or a little heel , which visually elongates the legs. We can save ourselves the diet

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