This Is How The Outfit For Wedding Guests Succeeds

The 2020 wedding season has begun – and the questions of all questions are: What do I actually wear for a wedding that is not my own? Four useful dress code tips for guests plus elegant dresses, suits and jumpsuits for after-shopping – from 70 to 850 euros. When choosing the outfit for a wedding, guests have to circumvent some styling cliffs: Of course, wedding guests want to adhere to the dress code and under no circumstances appear under dressed for the wedding, on the other hand, the bride and groom and especially the bride definitely don’t want the show steal or otherwise get out of line. You can master any styling challenge for guests with the following tips:

Dress code for wedding guests: outfit tip 1 – read the invitation correctly

Most of the time, the wedding invitation already provides important information for choosing the outfit for the wedding. If a special dress code is noted, you should definitely stick to it – everything else is rude. By the way, the most common dress codes for weddings are:

Cocktail: With the dress code “Cocktail” (logically) fits a knee-length cocktail dress. Men wear a dark suit for the wedding.

Black Tie: With the dress code “Black Tie” women wear long evening wear. For men, the “Black Tie” motto requires a tuxedo.

White Tie: For the most solemn of all dress codes “White Tie” women should put on a floor-length evening gown at a wedding, men wear a dress suit.

White Tie, Black Tie, Cocktail, Casual & Co .: Further information on the most important dress codes and their meanings can be found here:

If no dress code is mentioned, you are always on the safe side as a woman with an elegant dress and matching shoes. If you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt, you can of course choose a festive jumpsuit or an elegant suit. Or you can simply ask the bridal couple what they want from their guests regarding the dress code.

Dress code for wedding guests: outfit tip 2 – where does the wedding take place?

The location of the wedding always provides important dress code information: A church wedding with a subsequent celebration in the castle naturally requires a more festive wardrobe and therefore has a different dress code than a wedding in the registry office followed by a party in the clubhouse.

Dress code for wedding guests: outfit tip 3 – move again if in doubt

Moving is especially an option at a wedding if after the morning church and reception in the evening there is still a joint dinner or a big party on the program. If you don’t have the opportunity for major makeovers, you can also make your day outfit suitable for the evening with a few simple tricks – for example by changing flat shoes to high shoes or exchanging bags and other accessories.

Dress code for wedding guests: outfit tip 4 – better avoid black and very bright colors

An unspoken dress code rule that every guest should take to heart at a wedding at least during the day should be avoided in black. For many people, black is the color of grief and does not go well with the romantic occasion of a wedding. In case of doubt, you should also stay away from neon colors, bright red or extreme animal prints. Pastel shades such as pink, mint, lilac, pigeon blue or lemon yellow and floral prints are a major trend for wedding guest outfits in 2020 as well. By the way: accessories or shoes in black are of course perfectly fine for a wedding.

Dress code for wedding guests: outfit tip 5 – don’t show too much skin

Extremely deep necklines and very short dresses are rarely welcomed at a conventional wedding. Especially at the “official” part (church and / or registry office) you shouldn’t show too much skin and keep your shoulders covered if you don’t want to become the number one topic of conversation as a guest. A blazer that goes with the look is a nice option here.

Dress code for wedding guests: outfit tip 6 – only the bride wears white

Even if many people know this wedding rule, here is our little reminder: Stealing the show from the bride at your own wedding is mortal sin among the wedding fat bowls! Under no circumstances should you wear the color white or light cream tones – unless the bride has expressly asked for it. Dress code exceptions Wearing white and cream colors are of course also accessories such as handbags or shoes.

General outfit-no-gos at a wedding:

Even if this dress code rule should be taken for granted: extreme casual looks such as jeans, sneakers, flip-flops and beach dresses should not be part of a wedding – unless the newlyweds have expressly asked their guests to appear casual.


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