This Is How The Tank Top Will Be Chic This Spring

Whether you are learning a new language or want to try a new sport, it is always important to know the basics. In the spirit of master your basics , the situation is no different in fashion . Because as you would like to be able to communicate and greet each other in a foreign language at the beginning, stylish basics are perfect for getting an outfit simple and uncomplicated . A fashion trend like the tank top is therefore at least with an equally warm Bonjourto be welcomed as if you want to improve your foreign language skills in the French course. To what extent you can elegantly adapt the tank top in spring 2020 with the right styling tips and accordingly for the look in the (home) office, we explain here.

Fashion Trend: Why The Tank Top Is The New Elegant Basic In Spring 2020

A piece of clothing can be described as a good basic if it functions as the basis for a wide variety of looks and, despite its simplicity, allows a certain touch of elegance to resonate. In order to recognize the latter property, however, the right styling is important . Because a tank top would classically be classified in the sporting category. Perhaps the spaghetti straps of the top also bring up blurred memories of the hip 90s outfits. Although the time in self-isolation is of course perfect for a short indulgence in the past, the current interpretations of the tank top are at least as inspiring as they are contemporary.

Because the spring / summer collections 2020 by different designers make a subtle statement that a tank top actually has what it takes to be a really good basic. This stylish implementation is particularly clear with Dries van Noten. The top was provided with an additional puff sleeve, but the simple starting position of the black tank top makes the playfulness of the elegant ensemble possible. The shimmering midi skirt made of black and red jacquard comes through much more concisely thanks to the restraint of the top and at the same time does not look too overdressed .

Trend Styling: This Is How The Tank Top Chic Is Styled In The Home Office And In Spring

Everyone can decide for themselves whether a glamorous skirt like that from Dries van Noten is really the ideal solution in the home office. Fortunately, the variety of outfit options for a tank top is far from exhausted and also offers enough inspiration for the fashion trend in spring. Virgil Abloh’s 2020 spring / summer collection for Off-White showed a particularly casual version of an all-white look with wide-cut leather trousers. Herm├Ęs again took an early to midsummer approach and combined the tank top with short shorts. The belt ensures that the look is simply tailored, which ultimately makes the outfit look elegant.

Perhaps you have come across your slumbering creativity in the course of everyday home office work. Aside from painting pictures and puzzles, you could also use them to benefit your outfit. One possibility would be, for example, an alternative styling of the tank top as with Zimmermann spring / summer 2020. It should be proven here that the adaptation of a one-shoulder top is not that far off. Because once you master the basics of the basics and appreciate them accordingly, the transition to the professional is not too far away.


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