This Is How You Can Keep Wearing Your Summer Pieces In Autumn

Tired of putting all those beautiful summer dresses and airy skirts back in the closet soon? You don’t even have to! Because your favorite summer clothes can also be styled to match autumn. What do we especially love about summer? Of course, all those airy, beautiful summer outfits that give us a feeling of freedom every time. It’s a shame when autumn is just around the corner and we have to pack our favorite summer items in the closet because it’s just too cold for skirts, dresses and the like. We have good news: with a few tricks you can easily take your summer pieces with you into autumn.

So no more worrying about long trousers, closed shoes and jackets – we’ll show you how to make your summer favorites weatherproof for the next season. This not only protects our wallet, but also the environment. And besides, we’re just not ready to lock away our beautiful dresses and skirts.

This is how easy it is to style your summer favorites in autumn:

Oversize sweater with midi skirt

Midi skirts, especially those with pleats, are definitely one of the big summer trends this year. No wonder that we just don’t want to part with the airy parts in autumn either. The best solution to wear your beloved midi skirt in the cool season? Simply combine with a thick wool sweater.

The knit forms a wonderful break in style with the light material of the skirt, which looks really cool. In order to underline the rough contrast, rough boots or sneakers go well with the airy summer skirts.

Long-sleeved top under the jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are simply wonderfully comfortable: whether with long or short legs, with thin spaghetti straps or in a Carmen look – in summer we can’t get enough of the uncomplicated trend items. And even in autumn we don’t have to banish our favorite pieces in the closet, because jumpsuits with long legs are easy to style for the cool season. As? Simply wear a long-sleeved top or a very thin turtleneck under your one-piece. We find the combination of a black jumpsuit with a white lace blouse particularly beautiful.

The whole thing also works great with a slip dress. In summer it is worn airy with mules, on the cooler days you simply combine a turtleneck shirt ( shop at Amazon ) with your favorite dress . The look is particularly stylish in autumn with models made of satin, silk or velvet.

Maxi dress with boots and denim jacket

This summer we practically lived in our favorite maxi dress. So what a shame it would be if we had to say goodbye to our favorite items until the next warm ray of sunshine? Don’t worry: the ultimate summer piece will be with us even in autumn. To make the maxi dress weatherproof, just replace sandals with boots and throw on a cool denim jacket. Leather jackets or a chic trench coat are also great. If that’s still too fresh for you, you can easily put on skin-colored tights under your dress.

Wear the dress over pants

Pants or dress? In autumn the answer is: both! Because what was considered a fashion no-go for a long time is currently back in fashion. Because from now on we wear pants under the dress again. That’s a great help to us, of course – so we can wear all of our beautiful summer dresses even on cooler days. The layering trend becomes super stylish when you combine flowing fabrics with solid fabrics and light tones with dark tones.

Mini skirt with overkness

Not only skirts and dresses in maxi length can be styled for autumn – our mini favorites shouldn’t be banned into the closet straight away. How it works? Over the knee boots are the answer here. If possible, they should reach above the knees, preferably to the middle of the thigh, so that there is only a hand’s width between the end of the skirt and the boots. Cuddle up in a woolen hat, knitted poncho and scarf. Skin-colored tights also protect you from the cold.

Cropped jeans with socks

Flanking is out! From now on we cover our bare ankles and sport our most beautiful socks. Of course, there couldn’t be better news, especially for the cold seasons. After all, we remember last autumn well when we accepted a new train on our ankle thanks to crazy fashion trends. This is over now and our cropped jeans are more suitable for autumn than ever. So bring your socks on – fine socks with frills , glitter models or colored socks in loafers come into their own.

Style white pants suitable for autumn

White jeans in autumn? Bring it on! Many believe that white pants can only be worn in spring and summer. A big mistake. Because the color looks super stylish even in the cooler season – it only depends on the right combination.

Important: Stick to light colors such as nude, gray, beige or brown. They go perfectly with autumn and make a nice look with white trousers. White pants in combination with rough black boots and a black coat, on the other hand, create too much of a contrast. Better: white jeans with a light cashmere sweater, sneakers and a brown or gray chunky cardigan.Stick to light colors like nude, gray, beige or brown. They go perfectly with autumn and make a beautiful oneLookto the white pants. White pants in combination with rough black boots and a black coat, on the other hand, create too much of a contrast.


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