This Is How You Combine The Fashion Trend

Loose pants are popular! We are now especially attracting culottes, palazzo and Marlene trousers. We tell you how you can combine the most comfortable fashion trend. The motto this summer is wide: instead of tubular, tight pants, we can look forward to the fashion trend of wide pants in 2019. Not only are they airy, they can be combined in many ways (because they are so classic), they also flatter the figure – if they are properly styled. These are our four favorites :

Wide pants: We love culottes

Once worn by the French nobility (and men!) In the 17th century and later established by none other than fashion designer and style icon Coco Chanel, culottes are still a big trend today. The knee-breeches are characterized by their 7/8 length (maximum up to the ankles) and the wide leg. There are now trendy trousers made of countless different materials: from velvet to silk to wool, everything is included. 2019 models in white and jeans and with an elegant crease are particularly popular.

Which figure do they fit? Curvy or athletic: culottes flatter every figure. However, small women should combine high-heeled shoes. If you have female curves, you should avoid velvet and applications. They also apply.

How to combine them : The pants look best when you put the top (e.g. blouse or top) in the waistband or wear a waist belt. So you don’t run the risk of visually sinking into the culotte. The shoe choice? Loafers, sandals, sneakers, high heels – Culotte fits almost every shoe. Only boots can look very chunky.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants sit high in the waist and fall in an A-line shape, mostly to the floor. They are similar to the Marlene pants (see below), but cut even further, which is why they are reminiscent of a maxi skirt. Linen models in cream tones and floral prints are currently very popular . Which figure do they fit? Due to the wide cut mentioned, palazzo pants fit every figure. (Alleged) problem areas are concealed, the waist is emphasized and sporty figure types get a little more curves visually.

So you can combine them: Narrow -built women can safely take up flat shoes, such as slippers or sneakers. If you are more curious, use high heel shoes that stretch your legs up to the sky and look sexy. And upstairs? Be sure to choose narrow tops and blouses, because an XXL sweater would look like you were sinking into your outfit, for example.

Marlene pants remain a trend in 2019

The Marlene pants, hence the name, were invented in honor of actress Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s. They are the epitome of emancipation, because wide trousers like this caused a sensation at the time. Features: waist-high and with a large foot width. It ends a few millimeters above the ground.

Which figure do they fit? Like the palazzo pants, this shape fits all body types. Jackpot!

This is how you can combine them: The same applies here: if you have curves or are smaller (than 1.75 cm), it is best not to wear flat shoes so as not to sink into your pants. But it doesn’t have to be 5 cm heels either: mules or kitten heels are great for stretching the figure. If you love sneakers, just put on those with a platform sole. Put the tops in the waistband. They should also not be cut too far. Alternative: wear tops that end on the hips.

Stylish & modern in flared mum jeans

Bell bottoms are casual, clear. The much more trendy variant is wide-leg mom jeans . Because instead of a narrow leg that often compresses the overall picture, there are not so many styling traps lurking in the flared version. By the way, white, wide jeans are a huge trend in 2019. Which figure do they fit? Women with an hourglass and triangle figure benefit most from this pants trend. The jeans can also be worn by rectangular types.

How to combine them: for everything! The flared mom jeans look just as good with blouses , pullovers and T-shirts as with blazers and leather jackets. There are almost no limits when it comes to choosing shoes: only heavy boots look too chunky. Otherwise, sneakers, loafers, sandals and heels fit in all shapes and colors.


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