This Is How You Style The Classic In A Modern Way

Combining a white blouse should actually be one of the simplest things in the world – actually: Because in fact it is the case that looks with white blouses can quickly look arbitrary, a little boring or even bourgeois. White blouse classics are so versatile that you can never really go wrong with them. However, if you want more than just “do nothing wrong”, this is the place for you. We reveal how you can style white blouses from classic to trendy, but always modern and guaranteed never boring.

A white blouse is not a white blouse

Most people have a classic shirt blouse on their minds when they hear or read ‘white blouses’. But of course a white blouse can be anything: from the classic shirt blouse just mentioned to the playful lace blouse with frill collar – there are so many options and with every blouse type there are all the more style options … Because every white blouse can be combined in many ways – whether with a bow or puff sleeves.

Combine white shirt blouse: the twist with the classic

Everything goes with the classic white shirt blouse : The not so secret insider tip, however, is to use style breaks or combinations with bangs, so that there is no boredom or a bourgeois feeling. Ideal combination partners are therefore casual jeans or (fake) leather pants, but also pantsuits in bright colors, for example. All in all, a white shirt blouse is ideal for styling striking it pieces – how about, for example, a mini or midi skirt with a striking pattern or an exciting color? Super power of the white shirt blouse: it can make everything look serious, business-friendly or sophisticated.

How to style a white lace blouse

White lace blouses are playful and romantic. The trick is to look feminine and not look like a little girl. Since lace blouses in themselves raise a lot of alarm, it is worth combining them with reserved pieces. As always, casual jeans work very well here, but elegant wide-leg pants (e.g. palazzo or Marlene pants) or culottes turn a lace blouse into a fashionable, feminine gimmick.

2020 goes back to the 80’s: white blouses with puff shoulders

Blouses with voluminous puff sleeves and shoulders are one of THE trends in 2020. Who would have thought that, because puff sleeves and overemphasized shoulders were once one of the most frowned upon trends of the 80s … Anyway : puff sleeves and emphasized shoulders are back and can develop their full potential especially on white blouses. What can we best combine? Everything is possible as long as the waist is emphasized or the silhouette is at least clearly visible. High-waist pencil skirts, mini skirts or shorts, for example, make perfect partners for a white blouse with puff sleeves.

Voulez vous valance? Outfit ideas with white valance blouses

Valances can be applied quite nicely – but also in exactly the right places: That is why it is important to find the right valance blouse for your own figure. You can combine the playful white flounces with almost anything. For example, classic straight-cut dress pants with pleats or creases are a perfect match. Attention: Many ruffles and a lot of volume above cry out for a figure-hugging or at least close-fitting cut below.

The loop blouse is back as a trend: how to combine it in white

Schluppen blouses have long lost their secretary image and will be back in 2020 more than ever. So the only question that remains is what we combine. Our suggestion: straight-leg jeans and loafers, if it should be casual. If you are looking for a more stylish and sophisticated look, go for flowing wide-leg trousers or swinging midi skirts.

Always possible combinations with a white blouse in spring and summer 2020

White-in-white combinations always work, but for example white blouses with trousers or skirts in rich shades of brown are eye-catchers. If you want to bet on a safe horse, you can’t go wrong with these color combinations and still come with the certain fashion effect around the corner. Anyone who loves colors should try a white blouse in combination with an absolute bright color – here too the high style factor is guaranteed.


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