This Is How You Wear The Trend Material

In autumn and winter, casual knitted items are in high season and not only outdoor fans like to wrap themselves in coarse-mesh sweaters or cardigans. Fashion professionals also swear by the cozy material. Particularly popular at the moment: coarse meshes and oversized cuts. In particular, the sleeves and shoulders may be oversized. Shoulders are staged with boxy cuts, club and puff sleeves . The more striking, the better. You can now see statement sleeves everywhere. This conjures up new, sophisticated silhouettes.

Cropped knit jackets & sweaters

In addition to oversized knitwear, the cropped trend is still popular. Short, boxy-cut cardigans or pullovers are the perfect companion to high-waist jeans or paperbag pants in autumn and winter and focus on the waist. This stretches, looks flattering and suits every woman. Smaller women in particular benefit and can cheat themselves a few inches larger. The same effect can also be achieved by simply chugging longer tops into the waistband.

The knitting euphoria is unstoppable this season. In addition to knitted sweaters, cardigans and woolen coats, knit trousers are now also worn. Noble models in cream white, light gray or camel can be easily combined with a blazer as wide-leg pants and are absolutely suitable for the office. Tonal dressing is also one of the big trends of the hour. In plain language means: Go fully on a knitting and cuddling course and combine the matching knitting sweater with the knitting pants. If you want to take the trend to the extreme, combine a cardigan or coat in the same color and material and make the tone-on-tone look perfect.

Knitted dresses – minimalism is required

Of course, knitted dresses and calf-length knitted skirts are also a must. Minimalism is key here! The designer couple Lucie and Luke Meier showed particularly noble models on the runway for Jil Sander. The cream or beige colored dresses play around the figure with a light flow, the material is noble, the deep neckline forms a great contrast to the long-sleeved cut.

But also in the turtleneck version, knitted dresses are in demand in autumn and winter. Plain-colored dresses can be stylishly combined with XXL knitting accessories such as scarves and hats. Colored accents can be set with shoes and bags.

Supercozy – knit two-piece

It sounds like cozy home or lounge wear, but cleverly combined, two-piece knitwear can also be elegantly styled and become an absolute eye-catcher in winter fashion . Particularly casual: monochrome looks, but also knitted parts from different labels can be mixed and combined.

Combine rope – the best tips

Mix of materials

Coarse knits to fine materials such as silk, velvet or chiffon – or in combination with leather or linen – make the look special.

Tone-on-tone suits

Creamy white from head to toe, looks noble and can be refined with colored accessories and shoes.

Convert an oversized sweater into a dress

Wear heavy XXL knitted sweaters with sweeping shoulders as a mini dress – combine with boots and a winter coat.

The shoes make the look

Ankle boots and ankle boots always look good, especially with knitted dresses or two-pieces. Sneakers can dress classy suits, as can tough Chelsea boots. Boots look great with short knitted dresses.

Oversized knit sweaters to the skirt

A combination that always works: XXL knitted sweater with a slim skirt or trousers. Tuck the front part into the waistband that stretches.

Cropped tops to high-waisted cuts

Skillful play with the proportions: Short knitted sweaters look good with high-waist jeans or skirts, and they end exactly where the high waistband begins!


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