This Is How Your Party Outfit Will Be Perfect

First of all: Party is not just party. If you are invited to a private birthday party in a small group instead of to the new club, you are unlikely to wear an ultra-short sequin dress. And conversely, a casual jeans look does not fit into the trendy noble club. The following applies to party outfits: the occasion and the location determine which look is suitable – whether club, bar or private celebration. So that you do not attract attention at the next event, we help you to find the right dress code for the respective occasion.

Just as every party is different, so every club is different. So what you wear depends heavily on the location in which you celebrate. While rocky outfits are allowed in indie clubs or discos, there are often strict dress codes in noble clubs. Elegant clothing is a must here. Tip 1: Be sure to check the website to see if there is a dress code. Most clubs also put picture galleries online. Here you can see how the guests were styled at past parties and can be inspired.

Tip 2: Ask friends for styling tips who have visited the location before. If all of this does not work for some reason, the best thing is to wear a party outfit that you are always on the safe side with: a striking metallic or glitter look is not advisable. Subtle elegance, however, is always well received. How about, for example, an elegant blouse in the all-round color black, possibly with a little noble lace?

Hot or Not: Which party outfit are you good at in the club?

Stylish, elegant and quiet a bit sexy – that’s how many club owners want their female guests. So what always works is a short black dress. It looks exciting and yet classy. Our tip: A black leather jacket. That gives your party outfit that certain, rocking something. Feminine sexy, that doesn’t necessarily mean a dress or skirt: You can also wear pants in the club. Skinny jeans are perfect – they conjure up a sexy figure. Shiny evening tops with sequins or lace go well with this. It gets even more seductive when you put on leather leggings.

If you want to celebrate in a classy club, you should also take care of your shoes. Because many bouncers look particularly closely at them. You are on the safe side with elegant high heels. If you can not walk so well on stiletto heels, you should try ankle boots with block heels. They are more convenient.

You can’t get in here: the no-gos for the party outfit in the club

Dirty shoes and a silty look are no-gos in trendy clubs. Even sneakers are not always so welcome. If you want to combine sneakers with your party outfit, make sure that your styling looks cool and trendy overall and not too worn.

Relax: The perfect party outfit for the bar

Go for a drink and maybe dance a bit. What is the best way to wear it? Here, too, the location has an influence on the styling. The best thing to do is to find out beforehand on the Internet whether the bar is rather chic and dignified or pub-like and cozy. You should choose your outfit accordingly. With a pair of jeans and an elegant top (for example, silk or lace tops are great) you are always on the safe side. Your look will be glamorous with sparkling statement jewelry and a beautiful evening make-up.

Trend sneakers are just as suitable as shoes as high heels. In any case, the sneakers must look clean and neat.

Cool and relaxed: the perfect outfit for the house party

House parties are usually more relaxed than in the club. This also applies to the party outfit. Always a good choice: the combination of comfortable jeans and top. It is best to stay true to your fashion style here: if you like it classic, put on a blouse, if you love the sexy look, you can also wear a lingerie top with lace. In winter you can also wear a sweater and spice up the look with elegant accessories. Everything is also allowed with the shoes in which you feel comfortable. But make sure that your overall look is not too exaggerated. After all, you don’t want to appear overdressed at the house party.

Exception: It is a themed party. If the host specifies a dress code such as “evening wear” or “costumes”, you are doing him a favor if you stick to it in terms of outfit technology.


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