This Jacket Fits Your Figure Perfectly

Do you know that too? A season ends, a new one begins – and suddenly you have to get to know your wardrobe all over again. What did I actually wear last fall? Back when it was suddenly too cold for T-shirts, short-sleeved blouses and dresses, and at the same time too warm for thick winter sweaters and tights? To find out, one thing helps us above all: create clear structures. So, put the summer things aside and take stock. What can be hung up until next summer? What can be worn through autumn? And which clothes from last year are still a hit today?

Half the battle: a good autumn jacket

No matter what your inventory is, one piece of clothing is essential for the cool season: a well-fitting autumn jacket. It provides enough warmth when it is too fresh and is airy enough not to make us sweat – provided, of course, it hugs your body contours perfectly. In addition, a chic jacket also gives simple looks that certain something in no time. We will now tell you what you should pay attention to when buying a jacket and which cuts will flatter your figure!

Slim waistline? Reach for the trench coat!

The autumn trench coat is simply a classic. Whether with Marlene Dietrich in the 50s or the style-conscious woman of today: the trench coat simply never goes out of style. Where does that come from? On the one hand, it is incredibly practical, because the long cut and the striking collar are perfect for wind and weather. Secondly, thanks to the belt, it emphasizes the feminine silhouette and highlights your waist wonderfully. Have you got a taste and want to emphasize your mid-body with your new autumn jacket? Then we recommend the light trench coat from » Laura Kent in light gray. Whether worn open or tied, combined in subtle or bright colors, it will definitely give you pleasure on golden autumn days! Do you think trench coats are only for tall women? This rumor holds true, but the cool coat can also be worn by smaller women. Just make sure that the hem ends just below the knee and not just around the middle of the calf.

Make it big with a biker jacket

In addition to the trench coat, there is another type of jacket that belongs to the real must-haves in every wardrobe. We are talking about a »leather jacket that gives every look a touch of coolness. Biker jackets are particularly good for small women. With the short, figure-hugging cut they emphasize the upper body, at the same time the entire leg length is visible with this type of jacket – and that stretches a lot visually. For a casual look, we recommend the cool model made of imitation leather with black sequins on the shoulder. So autumn can come or what do you think?

For tall women

Admittedly, a poncho is not a jacket, after all it lacks sleeves, but it still deserves a place in the list of our favorite autumn jackets. Because especially for tall women, the cool cape is simply a hit. Thrown over once – the look is already there. Ponchos are also incredibly popular this fall. That is enough reason for a somewhat extensive interpretation of the word “jacket”, isn’t it? We are definitely looking forward to the first autumn walk in the poncho. Especially if it is as chic as the black and gray model from » Paola! with faux fur collar. Simply cozy and incredibly comfortable!

Perfect for curve stars: elegant coats

No other jacket is associated with autumn as much as the »coat – and no other jacket is suitable for so many figure types! Especially for curvy women, coats are a main prize because they manage to hide in the right places and at the same time emphasize the advantages of a female figure. What to look for: choose a solid color and a straight cut, like the Laura Kent model . It gently hugs your curves and doesn’t let you freeze even at low temperatures. Definitely an early winter candidate, right?

Now it’s your turn! Make your wardrobe fit for autumn and tell us in the comments which jacket you still need.


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