This Makes Sun Yellow The Trend Color & The New Perforated Lace Material Trend

Trend color 2019: sun yellow : Grass green, sun yellow, garbage man orange … A few years ago, these were colors that were put in the “no-go” category and so were absolutely not on the fashionable radar at all. Orange? Reminds of garbage collection. Yellow? Too bright. Green? Too loud. Well, that can change so quickly. All shades have become absolute trend colors in the last seasons and the more often you see something – you probably know that – the more you can get used to it. It was the same with the trend color sun yellow, which is now an integral part of summer.

Trend color sun yellow: where does the trend come from?

The question now is: How is it that sun yellow and generally yellow in all screeching variants suddenly lost its bad image – and has become a fashion trend? On the one hand, pastel shades in particular have set the tone in recent years. And for every trend, a counter trend also arises shortly afterwards. In terms of colors, yellow, green & Co. are the best proof of this.

Secondly, after many political collections in recent years, fashion should be more fun again. And what would be more suitable for this than a good mood color like sun yellow, which adorns summer dresses and tops? Sun yellow is not a statement as loud as bright red, but you can still say with a part in yellow: Hello, here I am.  It is fitting here that the trend color sun yellow was particularly present in spring and summer. It looks most beautiful with a sun-kissed summer complexion – it even underlines the skin color. In general, the darker the skin type, the more beautiful sun yellow is. Contrasts always look nice. But yellow is also suitable for very light types: I would use a pastel tone that is not too gaudy, but harmonizes more smoothly with the skin tone.

Is the trend color sun yellow just a temporary trend?

At the moment you can find some nice fashion in the trend color sun yellow in the online shops. But is the investment really worth it, or will the trend be replaced by another one next season? I believe that sun yellow is just beginning. Because although you could already see the color on the runway a few seasons ago, it took a while for the labels to add the color to their range. So at least one summer will pass before sun yellow really arrives “on the big street”. Either way, my motto is: whatever you like should be worn – regardless of whether it’s a trend or not. And a beautiful summer dress in a beautiful summer color is actually a timeless classic, isn’t it?
By the way: The autumn collections that are currently arriving also have beautiful items in yellow. So there is nothing standing in the way of the trend color to become the favorite color of the next few months and therefore always wear summer.

Why perforated lace is the perfect companion in summer

Probably the biggest difference between a hole tip and a normal tip? While lace is often made of chemical materials and is therefore not ideal for summer, the perforated tip pattern is often punched in cotton, making it so light and airy for summer. Even long-sleeved blouses and dresses let a breeze through.
The styling: The lace pattern, which sometimes comes in a flower shape and sometimes more abstract, makes the summer lace elegant, but also casual and casual. This makes her a personal favorite of mine 🙂 For example, I sometimes wear my Ganni pink lace dress with an oversized sweater and sandals in a casual manner, or, as in my outfit post, styled more feminine and elegant. Do you already have pieces made of lace? These are definitely my favorites 🙂


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