This Skirt Length Fits Your Figure Type!

Dear readers, have you ever thought about how good we are in summer? While the men hardly have an alternative to shorts and bermudas even in humid temperatures, we have the choice between airy dresses, shorts, summer overalls – and of course skirts. The latter are an absolute delight in summer, because whether short or long, wide or narrow: They not only let enough air in your legs, with them women are well dressed in no time and in any case a fabulous eye-catcher. Sounds good? Then get to the skirt – with our tips you are guaranteed to find the right model!

6 Ultimate Rock Wisdoms!

Not only fashion experts know: what looks good on my best friend does not necessarily have to be something for myself. Why this is so is obvious: Each of us is unique, and that is why every woman has a different skirt length.

  • Small women should grab skirts that end above the knee. Models that reach the floor compress and make them look even smaller.
  • It is the other way around for tall women: they can easily and long reach for long skirts, because they are made for long legs. However, avoid skirts that are too short, as these will result in unbalanced proportions.
  • Skirts in midi length suit small and tall women alike. Since there is little leg to be seen, small women should cheat a few centimeters with the help of high heel shoes.
    And since the question of short, medium or long is not only important when buying a skirt, we have three other tips for you:
  • Women with a wide hip and / or a round bottom should wear straight-cut skirts.
  • If you have a narrow waist, A-line skirts are ideal. Tip: Put your top in the skirt waistband, so your center of the body comes into its own!
  • Pleated skirts go particularly well with women with a narrow pelvis. The length can vary depending on your height.

So much for the theory – let’s move on to fashionable practice! Take a closer look with us at the three skirt types Mini, Midi and Maxi and find out how you can combine the models of your figure accordingly.

Less is more: fashion favorite mini skirt

Summer heat or not: Many women don’t like the idea of ​​wearing a mini skirt. Too short. Too irritating. But mini skirts are not mini skirts – lengths can vary. All skirts that end above the knee are considered mini skirts. A lot of scope, don’t you think? We would like to recommend the mini dress made of imitation leather from » Dress In to all mini skirt friends : classic, straight cut and very special due to the exciting silver. Casually combined with a cool sweatshirt and »sneakers , make this skirt a favorite for every day.

A classic reissued: the midi skirt

You can already see it from our rock wisdom: The midi skirt is something for every woman. The only thing that matters is how you combine it. Small women should grab shoes with heels and visually lengthen their legs. Tall women can of course do that too, but they can also use flat shoes. Summery sandals or sporty sneakers look really good on long legs. If you like it romantic, we recommend a feminine shirt to round off the outfit. We are particularly drawn to floral prints and magical sayings, and you?

More is not possible: maximum rock pleasure

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to a particularly striking example: the maxi skirt! We think : The model by Dress In with a batik look is simply made for summer. The soft, flowing fabric and the slit on the front make it a great companion even on warm days. No matter whether you go for a stroll in the city or sit in the office: with this cool skirt you are well dressed everywhere. Combine a matching shirt – and the look is done! And another good news at the end: This maxi skirt can also stand up to smaller women. In contrast to wide, long maxi skirts, they are not lost in this straight cut model. As you can see: it depends on the cut!

Did you find the right skirt for you? We are excited and look forward to stories about your favorite model in the comments.


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